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Ciclovia Salinas at National Open Streets Summit

Keep up with Ciclovía Salinas!
Go to for Ciclovía Salinas contact info; resources, including—in English y en español—the Ciclovía Salinas etiquette; a summary about Ciclovía Salinas (who, what, when, where); how it happens (volunteer opportunities); and history, including photo galleries and links to the inaugural year acknowledgements plus all other Ciclovía Salinas posts on the Bicycling Monterey website. See you at the next Ciclovía Salinas!

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What she said? Salinas is a good city, and not only because it’s John Steinbeck’s hometown and the heart of the Salad Bowl of America. Check out our Open Streets!

Open Streets lead to multiple benefits for communities where they are held, and to those communities’ visitors and residents. Benefits include those to personal and public health, environment, economy, and more.

At the National Open Streets Summit, April 4-6, 2014, Salinas showed ’em how it’s done!

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The below was previously published 3/24/14.
Leadership from Salinas: Equitable and Inclusive Ciclovía Salinas

Open Streets help all communities promote active transportation and healthy living.The National Open Streets Summit session “Open Streets and Equity,” scheduled for April 4, will discuss how Open Streets in Los Angeles and Salinas, CA have worked to create inclusive and equitable initiatives involving typically underserved communities.

National Open Streets Summit April 4-6 2014 – Agenda as of 3-24

Natalie Oliver is one of the youth who served on the core committee to launch Ciclovía Salinas, Monterey County’s first Open Streets. Natalie is an Outstanding Woman of Monterey County, and she will represent Ciclovía Salinas at the Summit, April 4-6, 2014 in Los Angeles. Learn more about the Summit here.

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Learn more about Ciclovia Salinas

Visit the Open Streets Project website’s Initiatives section.  Short link to Ciclovía Salinas is:

Visit the Bicycling Monterey Resources/Los Recursos section. Short link to Ciclovía Salinas is http:/

Listen to a 2-minute audio from KUSPBikes are taking to the streets, and it’s not where you might expect. – Aired November 20, 2013

Learn more about the City of Salinas

Visit the City of Salinas website, including its Visitors section and Parks and Community Services section. You may also wish to visit the City’s Business in Salinas website to learn more about why the Monterey County seat is a good place to live and do business.

The Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau / See Monterey is also excited about Ciclovía Salinas, Monterey County’s Open Streets.

Bicycling Monterey resources about our county seat include the following and much more.

Ciclovía Salinas has been recognized by the Transportation Agency for Monterey County for its contribution to Transportation Excellence.

TAMC Transportation Excellence Award 2013 to Ciclovia Salinas

The Bicycling Monterey site and projects are provided as a public service. Volunteers and contributions are welcome and appreciated.

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