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Bike Buzz: Winter 2024 News from Bicycling Monterey

Below, get a dose of local, state, national, and international bike buzz. For more, follow @bikemonterey on Mastodon or give us a call.


Monterey County Buzz

If you’re similarly planning a group social ride, make use of instrux in

We bid a fond adieu to Pacific Grove bike shop Winning Wheels, family owned and operated for 38 years by the Chavez family. They will be greatly missed! Keep an ear to the ground about the possibility of Winning Wheels continuing under new ownership. Meanwhile, to find other options, start with Bicycling Monterey’s list of Monterey County’s local bike shops.

Photo above courtesy of Daniel Troia.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities Advisory Committee meetings, Transportation Agency for Monterey County — March 6 and other dates. Public welcome and encouraged to attend.

Feel like a fish out of water at such meetings? Refer to the bilingual glossary below.

California Buzz

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Bilingual Glossary of Transportation Terms / Glosario Bilingüe de Términos de Transporte created by the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation is definitely relevant outside LA too! Details:

California Bicycle Summit 2024

National Buzz

Photo above: courtesy of Daniel Troia

Storm clouds? Tips for people who bike in rainy weather—road and mountain.

International Buzz

Climate: Too hot, too cold, too windy, too wet, too dry—too much change in the Earth’s climate, and already too many crisis-level impacts on children and other living things! For the next seven generations, please heed the call of climate activists. And as Jill Warren, chief executive of the European Cyclists’ Federation, said: “The potential for cycling (and walking) to help address climate change is huge and within our grasp.”

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