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Bike Buzz: Nov 2018 News from Bicycling Monterey

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Above: Nov 3, 2018 in downtown Monterey 

This edition of Bike Buzz includes most of the new Bicycling Monterey posts since the September 2018 email to subscribers went out, and a few of the many updated posts. Also included is some micro-blogging—a sampling from Bicycling Monterey’s social media posts. 
This is the last newsletter until 2019. For news after November 11, 2018, refer to this site’s sidebar for archives by month.
Thanksgiving week is the 9th Anniversary of HER Helmet Thursdays, one of many Bicycling Monterey projects. Look for the new edition of the guide by November 30th. Monterey County residents: Please tell your favorite MoCo businesses and organizations that are not yet participating about the Nov 15th sign-up deadline. (Not sure if your favorites are already in? Check the HER Helmet Thursdays guide.) Thank you.

8th Anniversary – HER Helmet Thursdays

The Nov 7th meeting has passed, but it’s never too late to get involved in these committee meetings.  The post also includes comments from Bicycling Monterey’s founder—among those, some items needing follow-up.

Nov 7, 2018: TAMC Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meeting

Mark your calendars for April 11-14, 2019 if you plan to join the approximately 70,000 others who flock to Monterey County’s annual bicycling festival. And if you’re participating in something that requires registration, note that the registration period opens Nov 1 every year.

Registration for Sea Otter Classic opens Nov 1

Mark your calendar too for this Christmas season ride in the city of Monterey, organized annually by Jim Wrona.

Lighted Bike Parade AKA Critical Christmas Monterey, an Annual Event

High school mountain bike racing season is in full swing. Learn about Monterey County’s composite team, for 9th-12th graders from any Monterey County school that doesn’t have a mountain biking team. That includes students from any Monterey County public, private, or homeschool, including unschoolers and students in independent study programs.

Monterey Bay Lightfighters Mountain Bike Team — 2018-2019 season

Get inspired for the next elections by watching this 52-second bike-to-vote video.

Exercise your superpower—vote!

This Monterey County first includes a local 1791 historic site and much more.

Soledad PD rocks community policing in Monterey County’s first Police Lip Sync Challenge

Winnipeg native Dan Frechette and Monterey native Laurel Thomsen supported bicycling advocacy by contributing music rights for several Bicycling Monterey videos. See a sampling from their October performance at a unique venue in the Santa Cruz mountains.

“Driving by Candlelight” with Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen

Think only some faculty and staff bike to Santa Catalina School?

Check out a student who lives by Bicycling Monterey’s bike-and-ride motto: “Bicycling needn’t be all or nothing!” (Use your browser’s find window to jump to “Catalina” in the post below.)

Bike to School: Support for elementary, middle, and high school students biking Monterey County, plus related resources for anywhere

A reminder from Passionfish: They’re passionate about Earth care—Earth’s oceans and more—and they’re happy to reward people who bike!

Award-Winning Passionfish: A HER Helmet Thursdays Charter Participant

Veterans Day—including Nov 10-12, 2018 free discounts for veterans at the Monterey Bay Aquarium—honors U.S. military veterans. Year-round, many veterans could use some help; here’s one way their needs have been responded to.

A sampling of social media buzz / “microblogging”

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We interrupt these social media posts for a tickler: California’s devastating wildfires continue. Please remind friends and strangers alike…

California Wildfire Prevention — and Being a More Welcome Visitor on the Big Sur Coast

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Happy Thanksgiving! Give thanks

for the many people who

help make bicycling better.

Gratitude List for Bicycling Enthusiasts

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