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Imjin Parkway Bike Lane Project


Update, 5/19/14, Monterey County Herald: “Marina council to award contract on long-planned bike lanes,” Larry Parsons.

The below was previously published 2/2/12.

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The Transportation Agency for Monterey County has awarded the City of Marina with a Transportation Enhancement grant to install 6-foot, Class 2 bike lanes on Imjin Parkway between Reservation Road and Imjin Road.

This project was identified as the Agency’s top priority bicycle project in the 2011 Transportation Agency Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.  The project provides a critical link for students biking from California State University Monterey Bay campus to the housing areas, and it adds a connection from the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail to Salinas for cyclists. 

The project is a welcome supplement to the Class 1 path on Reservation Road that connects Marina residents to the Marina Airport.  

In addition, this project will close a regional bikeway network gap between the existing Class 1 multi-use path on the south side of Imjin Road and a Class 3 bicycle route on Reservation Road. Once this project and the Blanco Road Bike Lane Project are completed, bicyclists would be able to ride on a continuous signed and striped facility from central Marina to the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail and to the City of Salinas.

The 100% project plans will be available in February.  In June, the City will be seeking authorization to proceed with construction, which is expected to take about eight months.

Frank Henderson

Adapted by Frank Henderson from the Monterey County Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee meeting minutes from January 2012

For more tips for students at CSUMB and other Monterey County campuses, see “Back to the books–and bikes–in Monterey County.”

Great! Looking forward to an easier ride from campus to housing.


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    If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact me or Answer Man Jan Valencia. Otherwise, I encourage you to start with the 20-section Tips for Bicycling Monterey County guide.

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    I am just learning about this trail, I was in your area yesterday, I live in Gilroy and I will be visiting you a lot this sumer…tell me more!

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