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Active Transportation Plan: Update to 2011 Monterey County Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

In 2016-18, Transportation Agency for Monterey County is working on developing an Active Transportation Plan, an update to the Transportation Agency’s 2011 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.
Public input is again solicited. Deadline for public comment is May 31, 2018.
Learn more on this TAMC web page:

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The information below was previously published in 2011 and remains here as an archive. Refer to the above for current information.

Bicycle advocates in Monterey County are urged to attend the Wed, Aug 24, 2011 Transportation Agency Board of Directors meeting, where the 2011 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan will be presented and discussed.  The meeting is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. at the Agricultural Center Conference Room, located at 1428 Abbott Street in Salinas.

What’s it about?
Review the 8/24 meeting agenda (and see agenda item #7).
TAMC’s Board of Directors makes the decisions about where the funding will go.  Let them know you support the projects in the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.
Speak up now or don’t whine later! 
Questions?  Contact Kaki.
Kaki Cheung
Associate Transportation Planner
Transportation Agency for Monterey County
55 B Plaza Circle, Salinas, CA 93901
Phone: (831) 775-4413

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The info below was previously published May 2011.

Public comment period concludes June 30, 2011 for Monterey County’s draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.  Want more great bikeways?  Don’t just wish, give your input!

[Looking for City of Monterey June 29 Bike Audit session?  Click here.]

Monterey Bay Coastal Trail (Photo courtesy of Leo Kodl)

Submit comments on the Transportation Agency of Monterey County’s draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.  Kaki Cheung, TAMC Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, states:  “The Draft Plan is an important document guiding bicycle and pedestrian planning in Monterey County for years to come.  It identifies regionally significant bicycle projects and highlights areas for pedestrian improvements, which will assist in prioritizing funding and facilitating implementation of a comprehensive countywide network.”

Transportation Agency for Monterey County released the 2011 Draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, a 166-page document, in May.  TAMC urges public feedback! As reported June 10 by Larry Parsons in the Monterey County Herald, Monterey County seeks bike plan input, that public input is very important.

Seaside leads in bike commuters

As Parsons reported, the Draft Master Plan shows that Seaside has the largest percentage of bike commuters in the county (not surprising to cyclists like Seaside resident Katie Stubbendick–see Stubbendick’s comment on a story in May’s Monterey County Weekly special bike issue).

Biking Fremont Avenue, Seaside–with no bike lanes (February 2011).
Top 10 projects

Learn more–including the top 10 bikeway projects–by reading the Herald story, then go for the details in the source document:  Download a PDF of the plan, and Appendix, as provided on TAMC’s website.

What’s in the plan?  Excerpted below is the table of contents (minus figures and tables–which are truly fascinating to us bike lovers).  Surely there is something here that will move you to contact TAMC and share your ideas and support!

Who to contact

To give input, or ask questions, contact Kaki Cheung, TAMC’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator; (831) 775-4413, or via email at:

Don’t know Kaki?  See Kaki using the Cycle Tracks app, which others are encouraged to use through October 2011 to help gather data.

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