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Bike Safety with Frank Henderson

Frank Henderson May 2011 at Seaside PAL Bike FairBike safety is the topic of the video linked below.  The video was produced for the  “Your Town” television show on Cable Channel 24  (

Frank Henderson shares his expertise in the interview.  The interviewer is Debbie Hale, executive director of the Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC).

Frank is a Monterey County resident; a Tutorial and Supplemental Instruction coordinator at Hartnell College; and a League of American Bicyclists (“Bike League”) certified League Cycling Instructor (LCI) since 2005, license #1432.

Frank is available for classes and workshops, helmet fitting, to assist at helmet giveaways, and generally presenting information on safe street cycling.  and a League of American Bicyclists (“Bike League) certified League Cycling Instructor (LCI).  Frank is a TAMC Golden Helmet Award winner; as an avid bike commuter, he bikes daily from his home in Marina to his work in Salinas, and elsewhere.  He is a volunteer instructor of bike safety and bicycle repair and maintenance at the Monterey County Probation Department’s Youth Center; advocates for better bike infrastructure in ways such as serving on TAMC’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities Advisory Committee; and also provides bike safety instruction at local schools and community events.

View the video

Frank offers lots of important bike safety tips.  Go to, then slide over to about 41:00 minutes to view this approximately 15-minute discussion.

How to reach Frank

Contact Frank by phone, 831-755-6738 or email,   Click here to learn more about Frank.

Organizer’s Guide to Bike Rodeos

If you are thinking about arranging bike safety classes or workshops, contact Frank for tips, or to see if he may be available to provide hands-on help at Monterey County or Monterey Bay region events.

You may also want to check out “An Organizer’s Guide to Bike Rodeos,” by Lois Chaplin (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University, 2005).

The Organizer’s Guide to Bike Rodeos is in the public domain and may be copied freely. However, as stated in the document, please credit the source whenever you copy or quote any portion of the guide.  (Publication # L-2-19 Version 404.2). It was funded by a grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration through the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee.

Below:  Frank at Seaside’s Police Activities League (PAL) Bike Fair, May 2011

with Rob Cepeda of Sports Center Bicycles of Seaside.

More local bike safety instruction

As pointed out by local bike commuter and mother Susan Ragsdale-Cronin in “There’s nothing like riding a bike” (Monterey County Herald, 8/29/11), Sports Center Bicycles in Seaside offers periodic bike safety classes. Contact Sports Center for schedule.

Temporarily, Susan’s Herald story is available online by clicking here for the cached version.

Above:  Frank coaching children on a course at the PAL Bike Fair, May 2011.  Someone else had helpfully provided cones for the course, although Frank noted later that his preference is to mark the course with chalk.  Talking with an experienced person like Frank can help reduce frustration for beginning bicyclists and keep them on course–literally and figuratively–for becoming safe, skilled cyclists.

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