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Best of Monterey County 2015

Whether you’re a visitor coming for the Sea Otter Classic or another reason, or a local looking for new recommendations, you may be eager to hear the 2015 award-winners from the Monterey County Weekly’s annual Best of Monterey County poll.

Among the winners are the shop voted by Weekly readers as 2015’s Best Bike Store. Thanks to the Weekly for also highlighting bicycling in their Editors’ Picks with these awards:

Best 10 Seconds of Biking Bliss, Eucalyptus Alley, Anzar Road, Aromas.


Best Reason to Bike to Moss Landing and Beyond, Kermit the Road Angel on Molera Road, Castroville. (Learn more here.)

There are again many HER Helmet Thursdays spots among the 2015 winners.

For past years, we’ve highlighted those for you (e.g., scroll down for 2014 winners). This year, simply refer to the Quick Reference Guide (found on the Listings/FAQs page) as you peruse the Weekly‘s list of all winners. Comparing those side-by-side will allow you to identify the 2015 award-winning bike-friendly spots.

Here is the Weekly’s entire list:
Girl with baby carrier rails to trails

Bike-Love Voting for

Best of Monterey County 2015

Locals and visitors may vote in the Monterey County Weekly‘s 2015 readers poll. Vote for BIKING as the Best Green/Eco Trend!
The nominees have been named, and final round voting is Feb 5-26.

We’ve come a long way, baby! Back in 2009, Monterey County Weekly readers voted cloth grocery bags as Best Green/Eco Trend. I was surprised; I’d been using them for decades. That 2009 occurrence was part of what inspired the Bicycling Monterey website and projects (scroll down for 2-minute audio if you’re curious).

And now, people who bike, our day has come: BIKING has won one of the coveted nominee spots for 2015 Best Green/Eco Trend.
Take it to the #1 spot by casting your vote for BIKING as Best Green/Eco Trend! Click here to go to the Monterey County Weekly website to vote.
You must vote in at least 20 categories for your vote to count. There are additional bike-friendly nominations this year too! Consider all of these when you’re voting. For example, in these categories:

Remember: February 26 is the deadline to vote for the Best of Monterey County 2015, in each category. You must complete your voting by 11:59 p.m. on Feb 26.

Click here to go to the Monterey County Weekly website to vote.

Voting must be done online (e.g., desktop or laptop computer, mobile phone, electronic tablet, or other device).

Sorry, no paper ballots.

Below, hear “We’re All Heroes on This Bus,”

a 2009 broadcast from KUSP about

that 2009 Best Green/Eco Trend.

(Click here for transcript and update.)

For more KUSP broadcasts about the Monterey County bike scene, click here.

The Bicycling Monterey website and projects were established May 2009. They remain an entirely volunteer gig for Mari and are provided as a public service, in partnership with the community.  Contributions and volunteers are welcome and appreciated.
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