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5 Audios from Bicycling Monterey on the Bike Scene in Monterey County

Aaron, Lorena, and Lilah Alejo - 1-1-12 (2) cropped

That trio above? Met them there, biking the Pacific Grove section of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail. They don’t just bike the Monterey Peninsula though; I next saw this little family at a Burrito Bike Ride in Salinas.

Written and recorded by Mari Lynch, the five 90-second to 2-minute audios below were produced by Guy Lasnier and broadcast on KUSP, Independent Public Radio. As the Monterey Jazz Festival knows, KUSP broadcasts can be both current and timeless. That’s true of these audios. For an update about the museum mentioned in audio 2, scroll to the end.
For photos and links to additional info about each topic, scroll below the audio playlist box.
Audios Playlist: Bike Scene in Monterey County – Written and recorded by Mari Lynch, produced by Guy Lasnier for KUSP

In addition to the five short KUSP audios, you may also be interested in an hour-long program aired June 20, 2016 on Radio Bilingüe – Alza Tu Voz / Speak Out – Youth as Community Leaders.

Confusion abounds about biking on sidewalks–whether in Salinas and other Monterey County locations, or elsewhere in California. Is it legal? Is it safe? Get a summary in audio 1. Then learn more here.

In the hub of the beautiful Salinas Valley, there’s a fresh urban scene. Get an intro in audio 2. Then explore the scene here.
Bike route alongside Salinas Valley field
Cath-and-Crew cropped
The fixie rider below is…

a Marine Corps veteran, daily bike commuter,  Sea Otter Classic racer, Hammerstein endurance champ, Psycho Cyclers bike polo player, Monterey County Youth Center bike class coordinator, Rancho Cielo bike appreciation instructor-race trainer-trailblazer, Monterey County Office of Education award winner, and more.

In Audio 3, hear about this eclectic cylist and how he inspires.  Learn more about this bike community leader, then what he’s up to now–and how you can connect–here.

Luciano at Stone Creek Village 2012

“Bike to a museum?”
 “Sure. Help HER out.”
“HER? Who is she?”
Find out in audio 4; then help her out too. Start here.

(Photo courtesy of Monterey Museum of Art–

bike-friendly at La Mirada and Pacific Street.)

Monterey Museum of Art - HER Helmet Thursdays
Annabelle (below) told me, “I’m just off to the farmers market to buy some cucumbers for pickle-making. I don’t need a parent to drive me.”

Annabelle and many others too young for a driver’s license rely on their bikes for independent transportation. But many older youth choose to bike also–like Clark Sleeth, a 20-year-old who inspired me to return to biking regularly for transportation.

Learn more in audio 5. Then go for it! Be a hero. There are so many ways to take action. For ideas, click here or here, or contact me.

Photo courtesy of Joanna Bull.

Farmers Mkt photo - Annabelle Bull

Special thanks to long-time bike commuter Guy Lasnier of KUSP Central Coast Public Radio, for his production expertise that made these audios possible.


*The ag museum at the National Steinbeck Center, mentioned in audio 1, is not currently available. Please visit the Steinbeck Center website for the latest tips, and contact the Steinbeck Center with your questions.

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