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Best of Monterey County 2014

2014’s Best of Monterey County – HER Helmet Thursday Project’s and Other Bike-Friendly Award Winners

(For 2010-2013 award winners, scroll to the end of this post.)

The Monterey County Weekly’s annual Best of Monterey County award winners list is a handy reference for visitors and locals. Bicycling enthusiasts find it helpful that the 47 winners also known as bike-friendly are shouted out below.

It’s easy to view the Weekly‘s write-ups about  each individual winner, as I’ve included a link to the Weekly  site for every single one.

Listed first are the 39 award-winning spots from the HER Helmet Thursdays project. Further down the list below, you’ll find 8 other winners who also help make Monterey County a better place for people who bike!

About the HER Helmet Thursdays spots

Don’t know about the HER Helmet Thursdays project? Participating businesses and organizations give 10-50% discounts on Thursdays year-round to males and females who bike! See Quick Links to learn more.

The project was launched November 2009. Listen to a 2-minute intro aired April 2010 on KUSP, What’s up with the bike helmet buzz? There are now well over 200 participants in 18 Monterey County cities. (BTW, curious about that reference to 29-mile coastal trail? I was too. Contact me to discuss.)

H-E-R is an acronym for Hotels, Educational and Entertainment spots, and Restaurants.  Related places, such as wineries, participate too. HER also refers to Mother Earth, who benefits from more people biking!

The HER Helmet Thursdays Quick Reference Guide gives more info about each of these Best of Monterey County award winners, as well as featuring listings for all other project participants. There are bike-there tips for many.  The latest guide is always found on the Listings/FAQs page, and for your convenience, the current guide is posted right here: HER Helmet Thursdays – Quick Reference Guide – as of 17 March 2014 – View PDF

2014 Best of Monterey County at montereycountyweeklyDOTcom

The Bicycling Monterey site and projects, including HER Helmet Thursdays, are provided as a public service. Volunteers and contributions are welcome and appreciated.


HER Helmet Thursdays is a long-term ecology-economy sustainability project, not a short-term discount promotion.
When you visit these businesses and organizations, congratulate them on their 2014 award.
And please let them know you also appreciate their helping our environment and economy by encouraging more people to bike, through their participation in HER Helmet Thursdays.


Note: Where the 140-character space limit of Twitter allowed room, a hashtag of #bikefriendly or #bike was sometimes added. However, all of these places are bike-friendly!


Looking for the best bike-friendly spots in Monterey County? Check stream for award winners just announced by . [That stream is displayed above.]

And for other award-winning bike-lovers, read on…
  1. Big Sur 22 May 2011 005Congrats, , Best Blog of Monterey County 2014 That’s why she’s in our resources! 🙂

    8. And tip of the helmet to the Old Monterey Marketplace, voted Best Farmers Market. They consistently host a bike valet station, with service provided by Green Pedal Couriers. Learn more in the Farmers Market section.

    Congratulations and thank you to all the above for helping to make Monterey County an even more bike-friendly place.
    For more award-winning bike-friendly spots, look over past years’ Best of Monterey County winners:

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