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Bike Buzz: Midsummer 2018 News from Bicycling Monterey

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This post features some new Bicycling Monterey posts, plus some updated ones, since the Summer 2018 newsletter to subscribers went out. Included too are a selection of Bicycling Monterey and HER Helmet Thursdays Project social media posts. For posts after Aug 2, 2018, such as “Traveling by train in Monterey County, and beyond,” refer to this site’s sidebar for archives by month. For some upcoming calendar highlights, scroll farther down the sidebar.
Spread the word about Monterey County’s second Open Streets location coming in 2018—Ciclovía Gonzales. Scroll down for details.

California Wildfire Prevention — and Being a More Welcome Visitor on the Big Sur Coast

Alex Akins and Cameron Stewart: Monterey County teens competing in Tour of Ireland

Tips for commercial drivers and people who bike

Ciclovía Salinas 2018 — an Open Streets event in Monterey County

Bicycle touring through Monterey County: Pacific Coast Bike Route and other routes

In the Lighthouse Avenue updated post below, note “What people say” about the HER Helmet Thursdays Project participant, since 2009, Taqueria Del Mar.

Lighthouse Avenue, Monterey: Bike parking, riding tips, and more

North Fremont, Monterey bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure changes, including Class IV lanes

Pico de Gallo, Monterey está en el proyecto HER Helmet Thursdays

La infraestructura como arte: Castroville bicicleta / puente peatonal y ferrocarril cruzando sobre

Infrastructure as art: Castroville Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge and Railroad Overcrossing

In addition to what’s on this website, you may want to skim over Bicycling Monterey’s social media posts. Many include information not on this site. Below are a sampling.

This post was published on 1 August 2018. One or more changes last made to this post on 19 August 2018.

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