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Bike Parking, Security, and Storage Tips

For tips on locking up your bike—as well as a list, with photos, of restaurants and more where it’s easy to keep an eye on your bike—see this site’s Bicycle Security section.
For 2019 info about Transportation Agency for Monterey County’s 2015-2019 Bicycle Secure Program, see Free bike racks, lockers, repair stations, or skateboard/scooter racks.

The tips directly below were first published 9/12/11, with numerous subsequent updates. Archived at the end of this post is earlier info about TAMC’s Bicycle Secure Program, and about their similar program in 2011.

Bicycle Parking, Security and Storage

The four women above, visiting from Toronto. were looking for bike parking at a popular location in downtown Monterey—the Uptown Monterey shopping center anchored by Trader Joe’s.  So were touring cyclist Daniel Hopp of Germany (at right) and an Austrian bike-touring couple.  However, about six other cyclists had already parked their bicycles, using up the one rack .  Hmm….where to lock up these seven additional bikes while their owners dine out and do some shopping?

Update: See “Crowded parking for Trader Joe’s and vicinity? Not anymore!”

Who to contact

Many people previously read this post about funds provided for free bike racks, lockers, and maintenance stations (and skateboard racks too); that info is archived at the end of this post. For future requests for bike racks, lockers, maintenance stations, as funds allow, contact:

  1. Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) – Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator at TAMC.
  2. In the City of Salinas, visit the City of Salinas Bicycle Committee webpage and fill out a Bicycle Protection Program application. You may wish to note “Attention:  James Serrano, City Traffic Planner.”
  3. In the City of Monterey, you may use this general Service Request Form and note “Attention:  Rich Deal, City Traffic Engineer.”  Or contact Rich directly:  831.646.3470

Below is a sampling of existing Monterey County bicycle parking. For more, see “ Bike Valet and Other Bicycle Parking–including Etiquette and Laws.”


Alongside Wharf II, Monterey

 At a church in Salinas:  priority parking for bicycles at main entrance

On Cannery Row, Monterey: free close-up parking at hot spots

At CSUMB, Marina

At NPS, Monterey:  weather-protection–best bike parking in the county

At a Seaside youth club

At City of Monterey Sports Center:  Don’t even think about messing with bikes here!

At beachfront hotel, Seaside

Above Wharf I, Monterey

Overflow parking for Wharf I, Monterey

At a Sand City business

 Bicycle Security is addressed in the Tips for Bicycling Monterey County guide. There is, of course, much more that can be learned about this topic. Read on….

National webinar on bicycle parking, security, storage

The national Safe Routes to School program provided a very informative one-hour webinar July 14, 2011  on Bicycle Parking, Security, and Storage.  This webinar is part of a Safe Routes bicycling webinar series, presentations that are open and available to the public.

I participated in this webinar, and you can get the same info now:

Mini-report on 7/14/11 webinar

The webinar included some surprises:  In Monterey County, as pointed out in “Riding Skills, CA Bike Laws, and Personal Safety” section of this site,  we strive to be mindful about sharing the multi-use trail, and other travel routes, with all types of users.  Emphasized in the Safe Routes webinar was that not only bicycle racks but also skateboard racks  make a big difference for youth on school campuses. In Ashland, OR, school principals found a tremendous improvement in behavior and cooperation with skateboarding rules after skateboard racks were installed on campus. CSUMB has skateboard racks. Among others in the Monterey Bay region is  Ceiba College Prep in Watsonville, CA, as Santa Cruz Sentinel staff writer Donna Jones reported.

Just a few of many ideas shared:   (1) some schools have a “bike cage” that is locked by personnel at beginning and end of the day, which has the advantage of accommodating kids whose families cannot afford bicycle locks–in Monterey County, you can see one at Pacific Grove Middle School and La Paz Middle School in Salinas;  (2) have a larger number of racks than present demand requires; (3) engineers planning new developments can install bike racks first to show you mean business about creating a bike-friendly community; (4) cable locks work with all styles of bike racks; and (5) importance of the convenience of close-up bike racks, and where that isn’t possible, then signage pointing out  location of bike racks.

Excerpts from 7/14 webinar chat….

Below are links to some resources shared by chat participants during today’s webinar.  Be aware these are shared out of context; they connect with various topics covered during the webinar.  (For the complete chat report, use link provided above.)  The comments below are unedited and unconfirmed as to degree of value; they are simply provided here for your consideration.  Thank you to the contributors for speaking up with their ideas.

john cinatl from clovis: HI Folks – As a member of APBP I recommend everyone download a copy of the APBP bike parking guideline – about 80 pages of excellent information regarding bike parking & racks. Check out

Liz McNett Crowl from Mount Vernon WA: New APBP Bicycle Parking Guidelines is $20 for download. Old guidelines are free on website.

Jenifer Joy Madden from Vienna, VA: Another great example of well-placed racks is in suburban Washington DC and is described here –

Dan Sahli from Dayton, OH:   wave rack use link

Darell Dickey from Davis, CA: I don’t understand why the staple is the “ultimate” solution. How about something good????

Shelley Aschenbrenner from Loveland, CO:

Kristen Wilson from Kingston:

Derek Fretheim from BikeConnect:

Steve Arnold from Fitchburg WI: Univ Wisconsin unique, high-volume racks: (this one is slightly bent.  They work great except for bikes with front paniers.

Other Safe Routes webinars

Webinar #1:

Getting Bike Shops and Advocates to Collaborate
on Safe Routes to School

Webinar #2:
Organizing Successful Bike Trains

For property owners and others – bike parking considerations

Ariana Green, a transportation planner formerly with the City of Monterey and, as of January 2013, now with the Transportation Agency for Monterey County, shared these comments:

The [new as of spring 2012] bicycle racks near Peet’s and Trader Joe’s [in downtown Monterey] are Peak Racks made in San Luis Obispo: [The City of Monterey has] received nothing but positive reviews from bicyclists who use those racks.  Even those who tow trailers have said that the racks are able to support the additional weight better than any other rack they’ve come across.  They can be custom made if [a business] is interested in a particular look.”

League of American Bicyclists has a “Bicycle Friendly University” page that includes resources on “Bicycle Parking,” such as the Association of Bicycle and Pedestrian Professionals bike parking resources.

Dero Bike Rack Company provides an easy-to-follow summary of some bike parking considerations in the Dero Bike Parking Guide.

Related info at Bicycling Monterey

Besides the Bicycle Security and Personal Safety sections referenced above, here are some posts on this site you may also find of interest:

More bike parking images from Monterey County

At a Marina shopping center

At a Carmel shopping center

In downtown Monterey

At a Salinas medical office

At a Monterey church

At a Carmel bus stop

At a Seaside public school

 * * * * *

Where is more bike parking needed in Monterey County?

Comments made via Twitter:


RebRobsRebecca Robinson
@BikeMonterey Missed yr bike parking q in my Twitter hiatus. Cannery Row (just off bike path) is decent, Salinas could use some love…


InfluenceGuyInfluence Guy ✔
Cannery Row needs more RT @BikeMonterey: Where’s best bike parking in Monterey County/ where’s more bike parking needed?

BikeMontereyMari Lynch to @InfluenceGuy Thanks, so noted! 🙂 Even w/ 20 racks, @VisitCanneryRow is hot spot where more bike racks are needed.

burnhamcoachingBurnham Coaching to@BikeMonterey The aquarium could definitely use more bike parking. Thanks for being an advocate for cycling in Monterey!
BikeMontereyMari Lynch to@burnhamcoaching Tho not yet… I anticipate Aquarium will soon encourage guests to consider biking.Yes,more racks in order. [Oct 2011 update: The Aquarium’s Directions & Parking webpage now encourages bicycling as a transportation option, and highlights the bicycle parking nearest the Aquarium. They are also working to expand bike parking options.]
and Mari Lynch to@burnhamcoaching It’s terrific that @SteinbeckCenter is leading the way w/bike parking tips on their website. 🙂…
@burnhamcoaching Another example of such leadership: @BlueOceanFilm has bicycling in their Ground Transportation tips…
* * * * *
Special note for schools, and regarding skateboards

Bicycle Parking, Security, and Storage at Schools:  Tips and resources.

Whether bicycling, walking, or skateboarding, most of us want to encourage children and teens to enjoy the physical health and multitude of other benefits that these active transportation methods provide.  What about safety?  See personal safety tips for bicyclists, as well as other Safe Routes to School info on this site.

Do you have students who use a skateboard as alternative transportation for getting to school?  Do they resist campus helmet laws or having to store their skateboard in the office?

Skateboard racks  make a big difference for youth on school campuses.  In Ashland, OR, school principals found a tremendous improvement in behavior and cooperation with skateboarding rules after skateboard racks were installed on campus.

While the TAMC funds mentioned below are not available for skateboard racks, schools needing skateboard racks might wish to apply in 2012 for AB 2766 funds from the Monterey Air Pollution Control District for this purpose.  Applications are generally taken beginning in March or April and usually due in June; click here for info from the last grant cycle.

* * * * *

The info above was previously published 7/14/11.

The info below is archived for historical purposes.

Free bicycle racks and lockers  for Monterey County private businesses, school districts, public agencies, and non-profit organizations.  Applications are due to TAMC by Friday, September 16, 2011.

As subscribers to Bicycling Monterey were notified August 10, the Transportation Agency for Monterey County is accepting applications for racks and lockers, through the TAMC Bicycle Protection Program.  At this time, $18,208 is available for this purpose.  An amount like this may not be available in the next grant cycle, so act now!

1.  Recipients must provide a before and after count of bikes parked within 200 feet during a two-hour period.

  • Count must be taken between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. on a “sunny” Tues, Wed, or Thurs during school year. (Monterey County residents know that overcast/foggy days are normal for us.  For this ap’s purpose, it is reasonable to consider our normal overcast/foggy days are “sunny” enough–just so it’s not a rainy day when the count is taken.)
  • Why morning hours?  Because the grant is to encourage bike commuting to work, school, etc.  However, rack/locker applicants can also be places that encourage biking for any reason.  Applicants may be businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues; or public agencies, such as health clinics; or non-profits, such as libraries or museums.
2.  Recipients must also agree to monitor amount of use.  Sounds complicated? It’s not.  Simply report back with after-count a year following installation.  Please refer to TAMC’s Bicycle Protection Program Guidelines and Application (download PDF by clicking here) for full details.
3.  Recipients must install the equipment at their own expense. (What’s the approximate cost to install?  If it is a simple installation where there is an appropriate space with existing concrete that can be drilled into, the installation cost can be as low as a couple hundred dollars.  If there is not such a space with existing concrete, installation cost would be higher; you may contact me to learn more.)

The grant program guidelines and application are also available for download on the TAMC website: Click here.

Yes, that’s right!  These free bike racks and lockers are available to private businesses as well as to school districts, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.  Exception:  Will not be provided to applicants whose permit conditions require these facilities, e.g., land developers.

Questions?  Please contact Kaki Cheung, the TAMC project manager, at  (831) 775-4413, or via email at

* * * * *

February 2, 2017 by noon is the revised deadline to apply for free bicycle parking racks, bike repair/maintenance stations, bike lockers—and free skateboard racks—from the Transportation Agency for Monterey County. This is the third year of TAMC’s “Bicycle Secure Program.” Businesses, schools, nonprofits, and other public agencies in Monterey County are encouraged to apply. For details and application, go to the TAMC website’s “Bicycle Secure Program.” Questions? Contact TAMC. The info below was previously published in 2015 and prior, remains relevant. Check with TAMC for any updates about TAMC’s Bicycle Secure Program.

* * *

Also for 2017, see Free bike racks, lockers, repair stations, or skateboard/scooter racks.

Shout-out of gratitude to City of Monterey: Bonifacio Plaza received a much needed bike rack in 2017.
Before the new bike rack was added, the many bike-to-work commuters in the neighborhood sometimes resorted to locking up to railings, making the railings inaccessible for use by elders and others.
Bonifacio Plaza need for bike racks

Contact the Bicycle Secure Program manager at the Transportation Agency for Monterey County and ask about the next application period. (This is initially planned to be a three-year program, 2015-2017 [and was later extended].)

Schools, nonprofits, public agencies, and private businesses are encouraged to apply for free bicycle racks and lockers, repair/maintenance stations, and even skateboard racks. The items are provided by the Transportation Agency for Monterey County. In addition, TAMC is offering limited financial support for artistic bicycle rack designs.

Why? Bike-to-work commuters, shop-by-bike folks, bike-to-school students and staff, touring cyclists, and others reduce traffic congestion, environmental pollution, and otherwise benefit our communities. However, available bike parking is sometimes less than optimal and may discourage biking.

TAMC is ready to help remedy situations like that pictured above, on Bonificio Plaza (one of the Monterey Plazas). Bonifacio has a business with many bike-to-work employees who would benefit from a rack or locker. That’s just one example of many such spots throughout Monterey County. If you know of others, tell the property owner about TAMC’s help available right now.

How it works:

  • TAMC will pay the purchasing price of the racks, lockers, and repair/maintenance stations, including tax and shipping.
  • Applicants are responsible for installing and maintaining the equipment.
  • Due to TAMC’s limited funds for this program, free items are not guaranteed to all that apply.
  • TAMC’s program goals, outlined in the Program Guidelines and Ap, include to “Give high priority to locations without existing bicycle parking, and to businesses that cater to bicyclists (e.g. HER Helmet Thursdays businesses or organizations).”
  • For a summary about TAMC’s Bicycle Secure Program, plus photographs and the Program Guidelines and Application, go to:
Questions about the program?

Contact the Bicycle Secure Program manager at TAMC:

Anticipated month for acquiring the bike racks, etc. is April. Applicants must install within one month, unless other arrangements are made with TAMC. Check with TAMC for any updates, as well as when it may be reasonable to expect to receive a response to an identified need.

The Bicycle Secure Program’s new Bike Repair Station option is very cool!

The bike repair/maintenance stations are stand-alone kiosks that contain tools for minor repairs/maintenance, such as pumping tires, adjusting brakes, etc.

You see service stations for cars all over, but it’s pretty rare to see a service station for bikes. So what happens when someone’s bike needs service, they have no tools, and they’re far from a bike shop? Because TAMC respects biking as a transportation option, they think about things like that!

The first repair/maintenance station in a Monterey County school was not a TAMC fixture. It was put in at Salinas High School; see it in “Salinas Youth Lead the Way in Monterey County Bike Community Firsts.”

TAMC’s bike repair/maintenance stations won’t be as extensive as that at SHS. But for the neighborhoods where they’re installed, TAMC’s bike repair/maintenance stations will nonetheless be a very helpful amenity!

Why are skateboard racks included in the Bicycle Secure Program?

TAMC recognizes that skateboarding is part of active transportation too. In the North County town of Castroville, it’s said that more kids skateboard to school than bike to school. And in places like Ashland, OR (see webinar report below), school principals reported a tremendous improvement in behavior and cooperation with skateboarding rules after skateboard racks were installed on campus. Locally, CSUMB has skateboard racks already.

Thank you, TAMC…

TAMC’s new Bicycle Secure Program was approved at the 1/28/15 TAMC Board of Directors meeting. Gracias, Board members!

We also love it TAMC is remembering the bike parking needs of the hundreds of Monterey County businesses and organizations that especially welcome bicyclists, through their participation in the HER Helmet Thursdays project.

If you appreciate TAMC’s good effort, please consider expressing your appreciation to TAMC employees, volunteer or paid TAMC bike/ped committee members, or TAMC’s board of directors.

Anyone else aware of a need for bike parking may…

  • Use the Bicycle Facilities Service Request form online (or fax, postal mail, or hand deliver print version) to submit suggestions about locations where bicycle racks, lockers, or other bike parking options are needed. (Check the box by “Any other bicycle facilities needs” and in the space provided there, describe the location where needed.)
  • In the past, TAMC Bicycle Protection Program page included a form allowing online requests for bicycle racks or lockers, to be fulfilled as funds became available. As of 1/30/15, the form remains unavailable on that page; for that reason, it’s recommended to instead use the Bicycle Facilities Service Request form for now.
  • You may wish to also contact individual local cities’ traffic engineering and planning departments. Bike community input directly to cities helps them in maintaining their lists of priority locations needing better bike parking. Then, as funds become available, they are better prepared to respond most helpfully to address the locations with greatest need.
  • Comments at the end of this post are welcome too.
For other bike-related questions or input for TAMC…

Contact: Ariana Green, TAMC’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator – (831) 775-4403, or via email at:

For more bike parking and bicycle security info at Bicycling Monterey…

See Tips for Bicycling Monterey County sections on “Bike valet and other bicycle parking–including etiquette and laws” and “Bicycle security–including unique list of places to go.”

The Bicycling Monterey website and projects were established May 2009. Contributions and volunteers are welcome and appreciated.

* * *

This post was published on 4 December 2015. One or more changes last made to this post on 29 July 2022.

  1. Founder, Bicycling Monterey says:

    Thank you for your question, Kim, and for your dedication to bicycling! At this time, although there are bicycle lockers at some Monterey County locations (e.g., refer to, to my knowledge none of those are intended for long-term use. I’m not aware of any bicycle-specific long-term storage options on the Monterey Peninsula. You might want to phone some of the local bicycle shops just in case any of those happen to have sufficient space to accommodate such a request:

  2. Kim Neill says:

    Hi Mari: do you have any suggestions for storing a bike more long term, for a part-timer like myself? I would like to keep a bike in the Monterey area to use when I’m there. Most of my friends don’t have space at their homes (because they all have bikes of their own), and I would feel like I’m imposing anyhow. Someday we will be back living in Monterey full time.

  3. marilynch says:

    Wonderful to have your input, Katie. Retail stores are among the private businesses welcome to apply. With chain stores, there’s a lot of variation in the ability of a local manager to make decisions/make things happen, and the time frame it takes. Provide the manager a link to the TAMC site [ ] and/or this post [ ], along with more of your personal encouragement. Your taking time to pass along this opportunity might be just the catalyst that’s needed to get bike parking there.

  4. Katie S says:

    I’d love to see a bike rack at Home Depot in Seaside/Sand City. I’ve already talked to them, but if someone were to offer them a rack, perhaps it could actually happen!

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