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Archive: Some history of Ciclovía Salinas development

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Go to for Ciclovía Salinas contact info; resources, including—in English y en español—the Ciclovía Salinas etiquette; a summary about Ciclovía Salinas (who, what, when, where); how it happens (volunteer opportunities); and history, including photo galleries and links to the inaugural year acknowledgements plus all other Ciclovía Salinas posts on the Bicycling Monterey website. See you at the next Ciclovía Salinas!

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Update: City of Salinas officials caught the vision of this youth-led initiative and provided cooperation and support to help youth turn their dream into reality. See the names of officials and how they helped.

Thanks to City leaders and the many other individuals and organizations who made the inaugural Ciclovia Salinas so successful–not least of all, the attendees!

Ciclovia Salinas is grateful for its supporters. Please refer to Ciclovía Salinas Acknowledgements: Sponsors, Volunteers, Publicists, and More, and join us in saying thanks to these people for helping create Monterey County’s first Open Streets! There you’ll also find links to photo galleries from the inaugural date, October 6, 2013, along with how to stay in touch for 2014.

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The info below is archived as a partial history of the development of Ciclovia Salinas.

For updated information, scroll to the end of this post.

Info directly below was first published 8/5/12.

Like biking Salinas? I sure do.  And many more people will discover the joys of biking Salinas when this proposal moves forward!

Salinas Neighborhood Council has a Ciclovia /Open Streets proposal.  Ciclovia is the temporary closing of the street to allow public recreational use of the roads.

At the 7/24/12 Salinas City Council meeting, Council member Steve McShane, an enthusiastic supporter of Ciclovia, requested a presentation from Building Healthy Communities about the proposed Ciclovia for Salinas.

Stay informed and lend your support.  See pages 5-7 of the Salinas Ciclovia proposal for some of the early leaders.

To learn more, download PDF.  Or start by reading this excerpt from the proposal:

According to Gil Peñalosa, Executive Director of 8-80 Cities, “People
traffic replaces car traffic, and the streets become ‘paved parks’ where people of all ages, abilities, and social, economic, or ethnic backgrounds can come out and improve their mental, physical, and emotional health.”
Ciclovia or “Open Streets” have become one of the most exciting advancements in the livable cities movement. Ciclovia provides new and fun ways to achieve environmental, social, economic, and public health goals for participants of these events in a community.

In my dreams, I have seen Salinas as the crown jewel of Monterey County bicycling, with beautifully landscaped bicycle and pedestrian boulevards, and more. Picture that! And volunteer to help Building Healthy Communities and others in making Salinas a better city for people who bike, walk, and use public transportation.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013, 6-7pm, the Salinas Neighborhood Council and the Ciclovía Salinas committee will hold a community-wide meeting at the City Hall Rotunda, 200 Lincoln Avenue, Salinas. Everyone is welcome!

*Summer youth internships

Ciclovía Salinas is a youth-led project, and Salinas high school age youth are invited to apply for summer internships. Aps are due June 15.  (Deadline was extended from the earlier due date of June 1.) 

Download a PDF of the summer youth internship application here:

Ciclovia Salinas – Summer Youth Interns Application – Revised 6-4-13

Contact Natalie Oliver, youth and volunteer coordinator, with any questions; 831-262-1110 or email Natalie:

Thinking about applying for a summer youth internship?

  • In addition to high school students, the spring 2013 graduates of Salinas high schools are welcome to apply.
  • The planning meetings referred to on the application are normally held every other Wednesday, 7-9 p.m. For meeting dates and locations, check with Ciclovía Salinas.
  • The first question on the application asks what you know about Ciclovía or other Open Streets events. Here are two examples from other cities:  Sunday Streets in San Francisco and Open Streets Minneapolis.

Here is an excerpt about Ciclovía Salinas from the Transportation Agency for Monterey County’s minutes of the April 3, 2013 Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee meeting. Download PDF here:  TAMC 4-3-13 Bike-Ped minutes excerpt on Ciclovía Salinas rpt (To read the full 4/3/13 minutes on the TAMC website, click here.) Presenters from Ciclovía Salinas were Ana Gabriela Ibarra and Maritza Cárdenas, with support from CS committee member Eduardo Huerta as well.

On May 22,  Ciclovía Salinas volunteers Manuel Guadalupe Ontiveros and Maritza Cárdenas were interviewed on‘s “Your Town,” hosted by Sharon Gavin, Community Outreach Coordinator, Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC). Check with AMP Media or contact TAMC’s Andy Cook, Bicycle/Pedestrian coordinator with any questions.

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Click here for more about bicycling in Salinas.

Okerblom - East Salinas - 15 Apr 2012 (7) waiting for the light

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Learn more about Ciclovia Salinas

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