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60+ Women: New Sea Otter Classic Mountain Bike Competition

Cath and audience DSC00212Seeds were sown by serious cyclist Cath Tendler-Valencia of Velo Club Monterey (pictured above, in VCM jersey) at a Sea Otter Classic women-specific gathering on 4/17/11. There, Cath spoke up and encouraged new race categories for women over 60.

Sea Otter gave the matter thoughtful consideration and has answered–in the affirmative–by starting with a new op for mountain bike competitors. Tell your friends!

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Henrietta Stern of Monterey Off Road Cycling Association

Calling all fit 60+ women cyclists who wanna rock and roll on a mountain bike at Sea  Otter Classic!  This is brand new, and there has been no publicity to date.  Please share with friends in other clubs and groups, including triathlon and roadies.  They may know someone who wants to participate, but doesn’t want to race against the 50+ crew.

The folks at Sea Otter are trying a 60+ Open Women’s category this year.  This will be at the end of the Category 3 (“beginner”) division and will be the “shorter” 18-mile course (still lots of climbing).
This year’s course is pretty mellow, as many of the downhills are on paved or fire roads this year.  So no excuses not to try it.
IMPORTANT– As of 1/18/14, this new division is not listed among all the Women Cat 3 MTB Cross Country race categories on the SOC website. All you will see [click here] is “Athena Women” for Cat 3.  You need to actually start the registration process for Women Cat 3 Mtnbike Cross Country to see the 60+ Open category. Sign up for the 60+ Women’s Open. (There is also a Grand Master Women category; contact SOC to learn about that.)
And remember too about the Ladies Lounge at SOC, with Rebecca Rusch. Learn more in the Women’s Outreach section of the SOC website.
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Hashtag for news about Sea Otter Classic 2014:  #SeaOtter2014
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