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Who’s biking in City of Monterey, June 2021?

Visitors from the San Francisco Bay Area

People who bike to a farmers market.

Monterey Peninsula children and teens, including the boy above, who was out enjoying an evening on the coastal trail with family members.

People shopping by bike, at the Del Monte Center—and disappointed to find most bicycle parking racks had been removed.

People biking to worship, not disappointed about bicycle parking!

This solar-powered church’s Earth Stewardship priorities include putting bicycle parking right near the front door of the sanctuary.

Musician Harry Thomas of Hovering Breadcat Folk Ensemble.

People biking on Flag Day, and stopping to say howdy to staff at a HER Helmet Thursdays spot (i.e., La Sala’s Bi-Rite deli).

Visitors from Humboldt County and Davis, California, biking to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

People seeing what’s new at an event on the plaza of the historic Custom House, California’s State Historic Landmark #1.

A Seaside resident exploring the trail on her Dahon folding bike.

This post provides just a small sampling of the many people out biking in the city of Monterey in June 2021. Likewise, many more were biking communities throughout Monterey County, for so many reasons!

Tips to help make bicycling better:

If you are a visitor or resident biking in the county and come upon a need for bikeway maintenance (vegetation that needs trimming, a pothole, etc.), click here.

Visitors and residents who notice locations where bicycle parking racks, lockers, or maintenance stations are needed can let the Transportation Agency for Monterey County know about those locations, so they can be considered for TAMC’s Bicycle Secure Program:
If you’re a Monterey County resident and would like to get involved in helping to improve bicycling infrastructure countywide, by attending Transportation Agency bike-ped meetings, click here. If you’d like to get notifications about other meetings in Monterey County that affect people who bike (e.g., Vision Zero in the Monterey County seat, Salinas), click here.
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This post was published on 29 June 2021. One or more changes last made to this post on 21 July 2021.

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