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Attitudes, behaviors, infrastructure, and more: What makes biking better—or worse—for you?

Respond—by phone or email—to our questionnaire/survey about the joys and challenges of biking. We welcome responses anytime (go to “HOW” below).

The first responses have been compiled for a special new series, “Voices of People Who Bike.: The first post in that series was published June 14, 2023 ( “Part 1: Who bikes, why, and memories“); the second on July 11 (“Part 2: Encouragement, support, barriers, bullying“); and the third on September 30 (“Part 3: Including, inviting, drivers, and inspiring places“). Look for more “Voices” in 2024.

We are happy to add to future posts in the “Voices of People Who Bike” series some responses from people who missed the spring 2023 deadline. (Another option is to add your input as a comment on posts.) Questions? Contact us.

WHO: Wherever you live, and whether you’ve biked a little or a lot—or want to, but something is holding you back—you are encouraged to respond. The first respondents ranged in age from 12 to 82, and all ages are welcome.

WHY: Many things contribute to how welcoming, pleasurable, convenient, and safe bicycling is for someone, regardless of their age or ability. The combined responses will raise awareness about the impacts, positive and negative, of attitudes, behaviors, infrastructure, and more on whether or not people bike.

HOW: Copy and paste the password below, including the asterisks. Then go to the questionnaire (click here) and enter the password. (To prevent spam responses, the questionnaire is password-protected.)


Bicycling Monterey provides resources and inspiration for people who bike anywhere and serves as an Information Hub for Biking Monterey County. A grassroots volunteer effort founded 2009, Bicycling Monterey is local partner of the California Bicycle Coalition

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This post was published on 17 April 2023. One or more changes last made to this post on 9 January 2024.

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