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This website has been provided as a public service. No claim is made or liability accepted for its use. As usual, check with any sources referred to for their most up-to-date, accurate, detailed information.
Please feel free to phone Bicycling Monterey for help finding info on this site. Also, if you see a “page or image not found” message, or if some photos or other media don’t display, click here for a 2019 website navigation tip.

Bicycling Monterey’s primary domain name is Alternate addresses include the original domain name,, and alternate domain names,, and

Search and Navigation

This website features 700 posts and pages of original content, including thousands of original photos. It has been provided free of charge for personal use only. Respect copyright.
To explore the site: (1) click on any tab below the banner; (2) check out the sidebar—and note that all sidebar widgets may not display until you’ve clicked some tabs below the banner, or have clicked on other pages or posts; (3) rest your cursor on any category topic above the banner, and a description of what’s there will pop up. Not all posts on this site are categorized. Please feel free to phone us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

What’s on the site

While the original domain name’s root URL,, refers to the site as a blog, most posts and pages are not typical blog length (short). This site’s material often leans more toward long-form journalism.

About dates of pages and posts

Most of the pages and post on this site are “evergreen,” or not time-sensitive. If in doubt, feel free to phone us and ask.

At the bottom of any post, you’ll see, e.g., “This post was published on 11 October 2019. One or more changes last made to this post on 17 October 2019.” Please note:

  1. These dates are auto-generated and may occasionally be inaccurate, or misleading. Also, the “published on” date is not necessarily the first date that material was published on this site.
  2. The date when “one or more changes” were made only means that at least some of the material in that post was updated on that date. And unfortunately, sometimes that date was auto-generated only because that post was a “sticky” post moved to the home page.  The entire post may not have been reviewed again and updated by us.

The following topics, and more, are addressed on this page:

  • Categorizing of posts
  • What’s with all the “bold” type?
  • Using search engines
  • Using this site’s search window
  • Using the archive
  • Using the category finder (using the widget in right-hand panel, or the display above the banner)
  • Using your browser’s “find” window
  • About posts, pages, and categories–above the banner, below, the banner, and on sidebar at right
  • About URLs on pages and posts
  • Sharing via Facebook, or Twitter
  • Improving navigation
  1. When using the “Archives” (by month) or other search tools in the sidebar, sometimes clicking “Home” first will give better results.
  2. If you accessed the site via a search engine, rather than accessing it directly via one of Bicycling Monterey’s URLs, you may see the old site banner. However, the content of the post or page it directs you to should be the most current version.
The Bicycling Monterey website and projects were founded in 2009 as a public service. To help maintain and expand these resources, contributions and volunteers are appreciated.
Kindly note: The material on this site has been carefully researched and can be counted on for accuracy. However, because this has been a volunteer gig for the founder for over ten years, available volunteer hours do not allow doing the writing, editing, formatting, and more at professional level. Were even more time to be devoted to the Bicycling Monterey website, its additional projects would not also be possible!
Regarding the info below: This page was first created in 2009 and has not been completely reviewed and revised, as of September 2019. Please feel free to phone Bicycling Monterey for search and navigation help, so you can find the info you’re looking for.
Website changes” includes 2017  tips about categories, subcategories, dates, and more.

Categorizing of posts (in progress)

Learn more about this site’s categories below.

With the WordPress 3.7 update, this site’s theme balked, and category display above the banner went askew. Drop-downs (subcategories) are not always easy to navigate above the banner. An easier way to access categories and subcategories is to use the “Category” widget in the right-hand panel of the site.

The 3.7 update was impetus to reorganize this site’s huge volume of content, and new categories were added.  However, most posts are not yet assigned to the new categories, due to time constraints (being this site’s creator and webmaster is just one of my many volunteer roles for bike advocacy). To help website maintenance tasks happen sooner, additional volunteers are welcome. Thank you.

What’s with all the bold type? 

Occasionally someone is surprised to learn that most of the words on this site that appear to be bold black type are not bold. They are links!

  • To make links easier to notice, some custom coding was done. Rather than all links looking like bold black type, new links (and some of the old ones) now appear in light blue.  Rest your cursor on either–the “bold” black type or the light blue. Ah, it’s a link!
  • The majority of the links take you to more of Bicycling Monterey’s own content. Sometimes, the links take you to selected other resources.
  • There are no paid links of any sort on this site.

As mentioned above, this site’s material leans toward long-form journalism. For that reason, you will also find a lot of use of various colors of type and other unconventional formatting, to help break up the material for readers. (As a longtime book industry professional, I cringe at most such practices. Yet the web is a beast bearing much content, including on this site. That beast requires multiple, and sometimes non aesthetically pleasing, approaches to tame it!)

Using a search engine

When I’m searching a website, sometimes I find that using a search engine works better than using the website’s own search window. To limit your search engine search to the Bicycling Monterey website, type the original URL for this site,, along with word/s of what you’re looking for here.

For example, type: watsonville pedicab

With a phrase, such as “where to bike in  Monterey County” or “HER Helmet Thursdays,” putting the phrase in quotation marks often gets better search results.

For example, type: “where to bike in Monterey County”

If you’d like some coaching about doing advanced searches, feel free to contact me.

An aside:  Which search engine to use?

Read’s page to learn about the Filter Bubble and why your choice of search engine makes a difference in your search results.  To learn more, read Eli Pariser’s book The Filter Bubble (available at the Monterey Public Library) or check out #filterbubble online:

Using this site’s search window

The WordPress 3.7 update,  October 25, 2013, has improved search function. Here’s what WP says:  “Search results are now ordered by how well the search query matches a post, instead of ordered only by date. For example, when your search terms match a post title, that result will be pushed to the top.” My first tests of that have shown the WordPress claim to be true.  Hooray!

For example, type this phrase, enclosed in quotation marks, in Bicycling Monterey’s search window: 

“Constables of the Peace”

Using your browser’s “Find” window:

Once you are on a page where you hope to find particular information, you can usually find that info most easily by using the “find” window of your browser. For example, say you want to know if there are any references to “hostel” on the Bicycling Monterey website.

  1. Type “hostel” in this site’s search window.
  2. Some post titles will pop up.  Click on the first (or any) title.
  3. Then, type “hostelin your browser’s FIND window. (Don’t know how to access the FIND window? For Windows and Linux, use Control + F or Ctrl + F. Macintosh, use Command + F.)
  4. Voila! You land precisely on the hostel references. If there are more, using your browser’s “next” will locate those too.
What’s a browser?

Don’t worry, I won’t laugh.  I’m a Lead Pencil Girl Gone Techno myself! 

Web browsers include Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari, among others.

A browser’s “find” window allows you to search (up and down/next and previous) for all references on a website’s page.

About posts, pages, and categories

[Update: Note the widgets under the search window in the right-hand sidebar of this website.]

First, what’s the difference between posts and pages?  You might think of  pages as more “permanent” info. However, on this site, while some posts announce an event or other time-limited information, the majority of the posts are not time-sensitive.

Both posts and pages of this site can include very substantial and often lengthy information. And for whatever reason, there is a tech limitation to this theme that results in comments being allowed on posts but not pages.

Above the Bicycling Monterey banner

are category names (and many also have subcategories). Click on any of those for posts from that category.

Below the banner…

are page names (and subpages). Click on any of those for pages for that topic. 

  1. Here’s a tip about accessing pages:  Drop-down menus on websites, used to locate subpages (or subcategories), are often awkward to use.  On the Bicycling Monterey website, you have another option:  Click any tab under the banner (any page name), and you’ll see a page displaying the contents of all its subpages.
  2. For example, check out the Resources/Los Recursos page. There you’ll find Bicycling Monterey’s main resources page AKA bike community page–Bicycle Shops, Services, Clubs, and Resources, along with other resources, such as Calendar, Advocacy, en español  and Other Languages, and “gates” leading to other resources–namely, Bike-and-Ride and Posters, etc.
On the sidebar (at right)

are miscellaneous tools, as well as a sampling of popular posts and pages.  Here’s some of what you may find in the sidebar:

  • Tools:  PayPal button, to make a contribution.
  • Tools: Search window (also see on this web page  “Using this site’s search window”)
  • Tools: Archive window,  to view all posts in any given month (also see “About dates on posts and pages”)
  • Tools: Category window, to view all categories and subcategories (also see “Categorizing of posts”)
  • Copyright notice, with link for details on requesting permission to reuse photos, text, or other material
  • Popular pages—typically most  sought-after info, such as “Riding skills, safety tips, and CA bike laws.”
  • Popular pages include the 20-section Tips for Bicycling Monterey County guide is visible on the sidebar. (You can also access the guide by clicking on the Tips for Tourists/Locals tab below the banner.)
  • Other popular pages include those highlighted by the two HER Helmet Thursdays logos in the sidebar: “Listings” (where to get discounts ) and “Participant” (for businesses and organizations who wish to sign up). (You can also access those pages, and more, by clicking on the HER Helmet Thursdays tab below the banner.)
  • Highlighted posts, such as “Bike to the Beach” or “Bike for Sustainable Seafood.”

Widgets and popular posts displayed on the sidebar, and the order in which they are displayed, are changed from time to time.

Also, you may find that when you’re on the site’s home page, the sidebar may be different than when  you’re viewing it from any individual post or page.  (That’s not intentional, just a theme glitch.)

About URLs of pages and posts

  1. The root URL of the 20-section Tips for Bicycling Monterey County guide includes To avoid broken links, that is not changed, even though the guide quickly became content for both tourists/visitors and locals/residents of Monterey County.
  2. This site’s primary domain name is Bicycling Monterey’s original domain name ( remains the root URL of many posts and pages on this site.
  • There are alternate domain names too:,,
  • An aside: was not available, as within six weeks of this site being launched, someone from Tennessee purchased that domain name.  still does not, as of 6/7/19, take you to a site about biking in Monterey County; it’s simply being held by a cybersquatter, holding the domain name for sale.

Questions or comments?  Please contact me.

Sharing via Facebook or Twitter

When people post a link on their Facebook wall, Facebook unfortunately displays (as of 10/26/13) only  “” and not “”   (Sharing via Twitter? No problem. Twitter  retains the full  “”)

Fortunately, on Facebook, the link that the person posts does come directly to this site.

And just fyi, if a person chooses to manually go to “” instead, they’ll find a link to the Bicycling Monterey website in the About section. (Formerly, Bicycling Monterey was linked prominently on every page of  That was changed,  because some people mistakenly think Bicycling Monterey is my business. The Bicycling Monterey site and projects, founded in 2009, are a volunteer gig! Fine Wordworking AKA, established in 1981,  is my business.)

Want to share more than a link?  Please first refer to the copyright page.

Volunteer to improve navigation and more

So many tech chores, so little time—for biking, that is, if I were to tend to everything on this site that I’d like to.

Any WordPress savvy people (or wannabes) out there with time on their hands are encouraged to join the volunteers on the Acknowledgements page by contacting me.