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Shawn Carden, BMX Pro from Salinas

Shawn Carden of Salinas has been featured on the Bicycling Monterey website since May 2012. Read our original post about Shawn here.

As 2016 rolls in, we’re even prouder of this now 22-year-old from Monterey County and his accomplishments as a professional BMX rider.
At this time, Shawn is mostly in training at Surprise, Arizona. When he’s not in Arizona, Shawn’s activities include traveling to nationals.
Shawn is also a lead trainer for Pro BMX Supercamp, which teaches BMX skills all over the United States and Canada.
You can see why Monterey County
BMX lovers and others are super proud of

Shawn Carden!

Shawn Carden photo 1

The photo above of Shawn was taken by photographer Amanda Little at the Grand National race in November 2015. Little’s photo and other photos in this post are used by permission, courtesy of Dawn Allen.

Below, Shawn was at the Redmond Oregon Winter National 2015.

Shawn Carden photo 2

Shawn began 2016 by visiting his home turf. During a 2015 visit, Shawn was a featured guest at the Silver Star Resource Center mentoring group.

Shawn Carden photo 4Shawn Carden 3

Shawn’s ties to Salinas also include that while on the road, he squeezes out time to continue online courses toward a degree from Hartnell College.

Hartnell - IM000011

Congratulations and best wishes to

Shawn Carden, BMX Pro

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