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Monterey Council Approves Multimodal Plan, Monterey on the Move

City of Monterey council member Frank Sollecito recognizes the importance of more biking, walking and using public transit, and–as reported by Larry Parsons in the 1/30/13 Monterey County Herald, “Monterey looks for ways to improve alternative transportation,” –Sollecito summed it up this way:

“There is no other choice. We have to do this to survive.”

We’re talking about Monterey on the Move: Multimodal Mobility Plan!

Thank you to the City Council, which voted to approve the plan on March 19, 2013, supporting the City’s vision of “becoming a city that provides alternative transportation choices, including walking, cycling, transit, or automobile, which are equally safe, convenient, and accessible.”

For related news, see “Do you enjoy the Open Space of Monterey’s Custom House Plaza–State Historic Landmark #1?”

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The information below was previously published on 1/30/13, with updates on succeeding dates.

Show up at the March 19 City Council meeting!

Let the Council know you support the plan. Unfamiliar with City Council meeting location and format, including how to make a public comment at the meeting? Click here.
To view the March 19, 2013 City Council Agenda and Monterey on the Move Agenda Report, please go to the following link and view item #12:

Monterey on the Move is scheduled for consideration as the last item on the agenda for the afternoon session of the council (4-5:30 p.m.).

Can’t make the March 19 meeting? Scroll down for other ways to communicate your support.

The multimodal plan updates the City of Monterey  Bicycle Transportation Plan, adopted 11/17/09.  Updating that plan is required in order for the City to have continued eligibility for state and federal grants. The multimodal plan also fulfills general plan policies calling for multimodal transportation–biking, walking, transit use, and autos.

Mayor Chuck Della Sala directed planners to be sure the business community was aware of the multimodal plan, so they had the opportunity to offer input while the plan was still in the preliminary draft form.

Pictured below, Monterey business owner Dan Vitanza

Did you know? The catalyst for creation of the HER Helmet Thursdays project was a November 2009 City of Monterey Council meeting, where  reps from the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau/See Monterey were present. Click here for the Monterey County Weekly story. Dan Vitanza is the owner of  Pino’s Cafe, a HER Helmet Thursdays spot.  Dan’s business is among the hundreds of places supporting goals of the City of Monterey and other Monterey County cities to encourage more bicycling, walking, and use of public transit. How? Discounts on Thursdays to males and females who bike, or bike-and-ride. Read the goals of this ecology-economy sustainability project, or listen to a 2-minute audio.

Below Dan’s photo,

learn more about the multimodal plan–

and how to voice your support.

Specific to bicycling, as Parsons reported:

Larry Parsons highlighted the following aspects:

  • desirability of installing more bicycle detection at traffic signals (see “Bikes at Traffic Signals:  How does it work?” to learn about those in the City of Monterey, and elsewhere)
  • need for two bike boulevards, one linking downtown with the North Fremont area, and the other to provide alternate link between New Monterey and downtown
  • during construction, the need for timely notification and alternative routes for cyclists
Read the 61-page  multimodal plan at the City of Monterey website.

Click here to go to Monterey on the Move, where the plan is posted, along with related documents and resources.

Parsons quoted Councilman Alan Haffa on the plan:  “Really, really impressive.”

Communicate your support to the City Council

If you can’t show up at the March 19 meeting–and even if you can!–you are encouraged to contact the  Monterey City Council members directly. Let them know you would like them to approve and adopt the multimodal plan.  Click here. You’ll be on a City of Monterey webpage that includes (on left of their page) the names of each Council member. The names link directly to their email addresses.

Planning Commission

Why was the public asked to provide input/suggestions for revisions and additions by March 1, 2013?  Since Monterey on the Move is in the preliminary draft form, giving such input by 3/1 was the best time in the planning process. If you still have questions about that, address Elizabeth Caraker, Principal Planner:  by email at or by phone 831.646.3885 (x 3 Elizabeth Caraker). Or via postal mail:  Planning Office, Colton Hall, 570 Pacific Street,  Monterey, CA 93940. Click here for list of Planning Commission members; you may write to them at Planning Office, Colton Hall, 570 Pacific Street,  Monterey, CA 93940.

If the Council approves the plan, it all just happens, right?

No, it’s simply an initial–and essential–step.

As Sara Rubin pointed out in her 2/28/13 story in the Monterey County Weekly, adopting the plan doesn’t necessarily mean its projects will be implemented.  It will take passionate bike/walk/transit advocates–including both municipal employees and citizen volunteers–to see the projects through the necessary steps of public discussion and obtaining funding.

Rubin’s story acknowledges that each proposed project would need a funding source. As she reports, “Approving the plan could allow the city to apply for grants on some of the more costly projects.”

At the 2/21/13 meeting where the Parks and Recreation Commission considered and approved the multimodal plan, City of Monterey Traffic Engineer Rich Deal pointed out that the city is effective at obtaining such grants.

  • It’s not too late to voice your support to the City Council, even though the public review period for input and comments ended March 1, 2013.  The City Council and Planning Commission had a 90-minute workshop on 1/30 regarding the plan; following that, both bodies review and approve the plan before it can be considered for adoption.
  • At the City of Monterey’s  Parks and Recreation Commission meeting on February 21,  bike/walk/transit advocates were among those offering public comments. (Minutes will be posted here.) The Commission voted to recommend that the Council approve the plan.

More info and tips below!

A San Diego multimodal visitor, getting in one last ride

before packing it up for the Monterey Airbus. See bike-and-ride section.

Related information on this site

There’s a whole lot of info on the Bicycling Monterey website relevant to the City’s goals to encourage more biking, walking, and use of public transit.

The information here includes such topics as:

You may wish to check the Local Bike News section.  See Search Tips/Navigating This Site, and contact me if you would like help finding info.

Ariana Green

Ariana is a traffic planner now with the Transportation Agency for Monterey County, and she worked with the City of Monterey Jan-Dec 2012. She has devoted much thoughtful attention to the multimodal plan. In the photo below, Ariana is showing a new bike rack at the Uptown Monterey shopping center (click to see before-and-after views)

Special thanks

Please join Bicycling Monterey in expressing appreciation to the following for volunteering their time to serve on the Monterey on the Move advisory committee.

  • Alexander Cappelli
  • Bob Guidi
  • Matthew Sundt
  • Megan Tolbert
  • Mike Gallant
  • Mindy Meehan
  • Rena Weaver
  • Susan Ragsdale-Cronin
  • Tim Meehan

Additional thanks to the following and others for attending related public meetings and voicing their support:

  • Alex Cappelli
  • Anne Goode
  • Debra Naeve
  • Ingrid Aquino
  • Jan Valencia
  • Leo Kodl
  • Michael Reeves
  • Rod Mackinlay
  • Trish Garcia
  • Vera Noghera
In so many ways, people on bikes help make Monterey a better place!
One way is by the consideration shown for pedestrians.
When and where appropriate…

 See the sidewalk information in CA bike laws and personal safety and “Where the Plazas Are.”

Want to do more?

Click here for “Bicycle advocacy: What you can do.” You’ll see a gallery of photos of people biking in the City of Monterey and elsewhere in Monterey County, along with ideas about how you can help make this a more bike-friendly place.

Bicycling support

Visit Bicycling Monterey’s main resources page to find the many leaders supporting bicycling in the City of Monterey and countywide.


This post was published on 30 January 2013. One or more changes last made to this post on 13 April 2013.

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    Read the guest commentary by Jason Wachs in the February 15, 2013 Monterey County Herald.

    At the March 19, 2013 Council meeting, there was indeed a highlighting of this issue by Council members and others in attendance.

    Until the situation is better remedied, you can help: Please take time to read share-the-trail harmony reminders in Bicycling Monterey’s “CA Bike Laws and Personal Safety” section. Thank you.

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