Business or Organization SIGN-UP for HER Helmet Thursdays

Are you already a participating business or organization? Click here for this year’s Staff Reference Sheet. Looking for audio, videos, or more about HER Helmet Thursdays? Click here.

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If you’d like to sign up, please phone us anytime. We are not accepting online sign-ups for now.

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What to do after signing up

  1. Print and complete the staff reference sheet for your in-house use.
  2. Skim over the FAQs.
  3. As your time and resources allow, promote your participation. Scroll down for a  bulleted list that offers way to do that. To ensure accurate messaging, phone Bicycling Monterey anytime with your questions.

“Is there a fee to sign up?”

There is still no fee as of the project’s 11th anniversary.

Did you know? The work of Bicycling Monterey’s founder on this website and on all other Bicycling Monterey projects —including HER Helmet Thursdays—has been done as an unpaid volunteer for over ten years.

Is my business or organization appropriate to sign up?

The primary participants are hotels and other lodging providers, educational and entertainment venues, restaurants and related places, including wineries. Bike shops, spas, and some other places are also welcome to participate. What about other retail shops or other types of businesses or organizations? If uncertain, phone Bicycling Monterey first to see if your place is appropriate for this project.

“When will my business or organization be listed?”
  • New participants are welcome to join year-round, and will promptly have a link in the HER Helmet Thursdays database.
  • The HER Helmet Thursdays guide is normally updated once a year. To be included in the next edition, sign up by Nov 15th. (Haven’t seen the guide? Here’s the 10th Anniversary HER Helmet Thursdays Guide – Listings as of January 2020. Special note: Due to pandemic, the guide was not updated for the 11th anniversary, as noted in
  • A new business or organization is not listed until the owner or manager has communicated directly with Bicycling Monterey’s founder, Mari, (e.g., by phone or in person). This allows confirming that you have an accurate understanding of how the project works, and also allows answering any questions you may have.
  • Once your signup has been confirmed by Mari, you can begin promoting your participation by using methods such as those on the bulleted listed directly below.
HER Helmet Thursdays participants are encouraged to promote their participation, as their time and resources allow. Here are some ways to do that. To ensure accurate messaging, phone us anytime with your questions.
  • Participants are welcome to put the HER Helmet Thursdays “Participant” logo on their website, in ads, on menus, on signs, on t-shirts, in concierge binders, etc. A variety of sizes and formats (for web, print, cloth) are available; contact us.
  • Here’s an example of how a lodging provider promoted their participation: Portola Hotel & Spa’events calendar and blog post.
  • Promote your participation via online social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook; see example below from Erik’s. Feel free to phone us anytime for suggested text, to ensure accurate messaging.
  • A variety of window signs and fliers are available on the posters, etc. page. To be sure of having the most current versions available, or if you’d like customized text or materials, phone us.
  • HER Helmet Thursdays has also been promoted on marquees, by presentations to civic clubs, in radio and TV feature stories, and more. Contact us for details, or for more ideas on promoting your participation.
  • Participate: For Businesses and Organizations includes additional FAQs for those whose time and interest allow. Or just contact us with your questions, comments, or ideas.
Please note

Launched Nov 2009, HER Helmet Thursdays is a long-term project—not a short-term discount promotion—and has no scheduled end-date, as reported in KSBW’s Project Economy introduction in Jan 2010. The project has passed its 11th anniversary.

If in the future it’s necessary for your business or organization to drop out (e.g., if it closes), simply phone Bicycling Monterey.

Remember to post the staff reference sheet on your employee bulletin board or otherwise ensure that any new staff members are aware of your participation.