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SOC Expo: North America’s Largest Bicycle Exposition — Sea Otter Classic

Watch some video greetings below from 2019 Sea Otter Classic exhibitors.

Tip of the helmet to exhibitor Clif Bar for reducing plastic pollution by distributing free reusable metal glasses at their annual party for the public in the Sea Otter Expo, April 13, 2019.

There are 900 sponsor banners and over 1,000 brands occupying 200,000 square feet of display space at the 29th Annual Sea Otter Classic, April 11-14, 2019.  Here are four ways to find specific exhibitors.
  1. On-site signs: look for the signs that list exhibitors (see 2019 sign above—click image to enlarge).
  2. Sea Otter 2019 Festival Guide. Page 39 has the list of exhibitors, and on page 40, the expo map. Pick up the guide on-site (ask for the paper copy) or access it online (digital guide accessible from home page of Many people find the map in the digital Festival Guide easier to view than the map in option #3 below. (The positive aspect about option #3 is that you can access more info about the exhibitors.)
  3. Look over the SOC exhibitors list online, which is provided in a new format for 2019, on the following site: The 2019 exhibitors list offers the option of looking up exhibitors by name or category. Besides displaying their booth number, if you click on their name, you can access more info about that exhibitor. Also included is the expo map.  (It’s the same map you get if you are on SOC website’s “Getting In and Around” page and scroll down to “Festival & Expo Maps.”)
  4. Or just browse the SOC grounds! Cruising the Sea Otter expo is a fun way to spend the day—or four days, Thursday through Sunday.

The Sea Otter Classic had over 500 vendors registered early for 2019, when we last checked, before their list was moved to a site that doesn’t include a count. (SOC’s Expo had another record-breaking year in 2018, with 507 registered vendors.) SOC predicted 2019 would be another record-breaking year; their media release stated: “Sea Otter exhibitor sales have grown 30% over last year’s record turnout. Much of the growth comes from increased participation by international brands. Companies will travel from as far away as Europe, Australia, China, and South Africa to exhibit. Nearly 40 e-bike companies will be in attendance.”

We weren’t surprised about that e-bike growth. For Bicycling Monterey’s experience with e-bikes, click here. And for our post about e-bike regulations, click here.

Video greetings from some 2019 SOC exhibitors

Among those setting up exhibits in the Sea Otter Classic 2019 Expo when Bicycling Monterey’s founder popped by on Wednesday evening were the bike industry professionals below, along with a new food and beverage business. Check ’em out!

Below, some Expo scenes from earlier years.

* * *

“Use me?” Okay, Park Tools, we will. Actually, we do! When Bicycling Monterey founded the Monterey County Probation Department Youth Center’s bike education program, many Park Tools were purchased. The Youth Center bike program completes its seventh year in April 2019, and those Park Tools continue to serve the youth well!

Thanks again to the Sea Otter Classic vendors who invested in those Monterey County youth when we were needing more supplies in 2013 and 2014!

For more photos of Sea Otter Classic’s expo…

Scroll the 38-photo gallery in “Scenes and Tales from the 2017 Sea Otter Classic.”
For a sampling of more SOC festival fun from prior years, click here for some Bicycling Monterey posts such as Mamas and Babies at the Sea Otter ClassicChildren Celebrate Cycling, and more.

Below see a few SOC expo scenes from earlier years (2011-2013).


Cath Tendler-Valencia and Jan Valencia AKA Velo Answer Man topped off Sea Otter racing, riding, partying, and more with a cruise through North America’s largest bicycle exposition.

Cyclelogical‘s spoke reflectors caught my eye, as the type I had before would fall off.
Bike commuters will appreciate how these snap on nice and snug.  Helpful folks!

People for Bikes making progress toward goal of 1 million pledges.

Why do you ride?  Tell them how you feel.  Sign the pledge!

Division 26 clothing guys were all smiles!

Local Danny Killough showing off his for-sale cruiser, over seven feet long, with a three-speed arrow stick shifter and custom carbon fiber crank.

Tough chik!

Bright and beautiful.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, bicycle, love your planet!

For some, that’s an easy-off-the-tongue slogan….and not much more than that.

For Colorado’s Green Guru, that idea is their business compass.  Check out the Green Guru story!

And this family owned and operated company from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia are likewise directed by a commitment to good Earthkeeping!

Read about Green Label Organic‘s made-in-USA organically grown cotton t-shirts.

Ever know someone who wanted to bike and felt embarrassed to admit they couldn’t quite get the hang of shifting?  Joe Breeze must have known such a person!  Check out the Breezer website to see all the offerings this helpful company has to offer.  There’s a reason–actually many–why Breezer has won Bicycling Magazine’s Editor’s Pick in the commuter bikes category for four years straight!

Many items caught my attention–though escaped my camera lens!  There was something for everyone at the Expo, including practical items like the Polar Bottle stainless steel water bottle.

This post was first published in April 2011 and has been partly updated for 2019.

This post was published on 10 April 2019. One or more changes last made to this post on 16 April 2019.

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