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Children Celebrate Cycling at Sea Otter Classic

Got kids? Bring them to the annual

Sea Otter Classic, a Celebration of Cycling!

 Joy—bikes bring it on!

Sea Otter Classic is a “Celebration of Cycling.” Special Sea Otter village activities include plenty for kids, ages 12 and younger. There’s also a Little Bellas Day Camp for girls.  These are just some of the reasons that Sea Otter is a draw for many families.

Featured in this post are a few of the kids who came to Sea Otter in 2011.

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Time to load up and head home after a fun four days!
Stay on the road, guy, we’re heading this way.
Ah, life is good.  Cruising at Sea Otter on a sunny afternoon….
Wow, there is so much to see at Sea Otter….
Coming to Sea Otter was a great idea!
For kids and kids at heart!  Something about bikes helps us all feel more playful–such a good thing.
Anneka Esborg and her father, Erik Esborg.
Thanks, Dad, and I can see just fine:  I see the world will be a better place when there are even more people on bikes!

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