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Monterey Beer Fest at Monterey Fairgrounds–Free bike valet parking!

The Monterey Beer Festival, June 9, 2012, is another event at the Monterey County Fairgrounds that features free bike valet service provided at Gate 5 by Green Pedal Couriers.

The free bike valet parking service will accommodate bicycles, cargo bikes, and bike trailers.  Walking or jogging to the festival?  The bike valet service is happy to accept strollers and joggers too.

Route tips

Reaching the Monterey Fairgrounds is an easy bike ride straight up Casa Verde from the coastal bike/multi-use path.  There’s one very, very short and cinchy hill just before you reach Fremont.  The rest of the route is flat.
Bike-there direx from the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail
  1. Leave the bike/multi-use path at Casa Verde. (Not familiar with Casa Verde?  There’s a traffic light there, and it’s near the Monterey Adult School and the Monterey Fish House restaurant.)
  2. Continue up Casa Verde all the way to the T-intersection at Fairgrounds Road.  Just after Casa Verde crosses Fremont Ave, you’ll see the large Beverly’s Fabrics/Crafts store on your right and the fairgrounds marquee straight ahead of you.

About bicycling to Monterey Fairgrounds events

Biking to the fairgrounds many popular events means you’ll zip past traffic jams, avoid any parking lot fees,  see the neighborhoods up close and personal, get some exercise in the fresh coastal air, and help keep our air and water cleaner.

You don’t need to bike all the way to the Monterey Fairgrounds.  Instead, if your stamina or schedule don’t permit that, bike part-way there.  See bike-and-ride tips.

Didn’t BYOB (bring your own bike)?  You can still leave your car at your hotel, hostel, campground, or elsewhere.  Then use one of the bike rentals available in Monterey County.  (Tip: As mentioned in this site’s camping info, if you’re camped at Veterans Park in Monterey, schedule permitting, Green Pedal riders can deliver munchies to the park, too.)

Concerned about bike security at the fairgrounds?  No worries, the Green Pedal bike valet volunteers are your personal bike security guards for this event.

Wonder about biking when your return tip will be at night?  See Personal Safety tips and Biking in the Dark.

Local biking questions?

See Tips for Bicycling Monterey County on this site, or contact me (Mari–831/375-6278). Can’t reach me immediately? Monterey County has a wealth of other local bike resources.

Resources for biking in Monterey County

Tips for Bicycling Monterey County, a 20-section guide, includes:

Lodging–including camping–plus showers for day visitors
HER Helmet Thursdays, for males and females who bike

While discounts are on Thursdays only, the listings of over 200 Monterey County participating locations are helpful seven days a week!  Why? They are a way to find recommended businesses and organizations, plus most listings including bike-there tips as well.

Want to find HER Helmet Thursdays spots by geographic location?  Click here for the map.

Of special interest
Also of interest to visitors
More help from the bike community

Bicycle Shops, Services, Clubs, and Resources

Spread the word

Print some minis or other materials to keep with you, so you can easily help others find these and additional resources.

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