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It Takes Dedication! Beach Range Road Multi-Use Trail Project Kicks Off

Former Minnesota Congressman Jim Oberstar said, upon receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Bicycle Leadership Conference in Monterey, that “Congressman Sam Farr [17th Congressional district] is one of the most creative and original thinkers in the House.”

Bicycling Monterey joins Jim Oberstar in appreciating the originality of our local Congressional Representative’s thinking, over decades when America has prioritized motor vehicles over other forms of transportation.  Here’s one example of Congresman Farr’s support for better bicycle infrastructure in America, right here in his home district.

For another example of his protection for our public lands and ecorecreational use, click here.

Pictured above are Monterey County Supervisor Lou Calcagno; Congressman Sam Farr; Supervisor Jane Parker; and in front of Ms. Parker, Mr. Don Bachman, Deputy Executive Director of the Transportation Agency for Monterey County; Mayor Bruce Delgado of Marina; Mr. Jim Polizzi, Senior Estimator of Earth Works Paving Contractors, Inc. (selected contractor for the project);  and Mat Fuzie, District Superintendent, Monterey District, California State Parks.  (Photo by Mr. Hank Myers, Associate Transportation Planning Engineer for TAMC, provided courtesy of Ms. Kaki Cheung, Associate Transportation Planner for TAMC .)

Additional photo below also courtesy of Hank Myers and Kaki Cheung.

Mayor Bruce Delgado of Marina biked to the event.
Local history snippets on some of the bicycling mayors of Monterey County

July 2015 update on Mayor Bruce Delgado: He’s been thinking, the past few years, of the possibility of a BMX track in Marina. Click here for an update.

Clyde Roberson was bicycling mayor of City of Monterey, elected in 1983, and as of April 2013, he was trying out a recumbent. In November 2014, Clyde was elected mayor again, and you bet, Clyde is still biking regularly for transportation. See update on Clyde Roberson; click here.

Thanks to Kaki Cheung and Hank Myers for sharing the above scenes from this event with all who were unable to attend this particular celebration.

7/25/11 update: Ribbon-cutting ceremony for this segment of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail will be on 8/31/11.

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RELEASE DATE:           October 21, 2010

EVENT DATE:                October 28, 2010

EVENT TIME:                  11:00 AM

EVENT LOCATION:       Fort Ord Dunes State Park Parking Lot (8th Street and Beach Range Road, Marina, Ca 93933)

CONTACT:                      Kaki Cheung, Associate Transportation Planner

PHONE:                           831-775-4413


Beach Range Road Multi-Use Trail Project Kicks Off

A project kick off ceremony for the Beach Range Road multi-use trail project will be held on Thursday, October 28, starting at 11:00 A.M.

Joining the Transportation Agency for Monterey County to celebrate the beginning of improvements of the existing paved Beach Range Road will be representatives from the many partners who help to make the project possible.  Scheduled speakers include:

  • The Honorable Sam Farr, Congressman of the California 17th District;
  • Supervisor Lou Calcagno, Transportation Agency Chair and Monterey County 2nd District Supervisor;
  • Matt Fuzie, California State Parks;
  • Supervisor Jane Parker, Transportation Agency Board member and Monterey County 4th District Supervisor; and
  • Bruce Delgado, Transportation Agency Board member and Mayor of the City of Marina.

The Beach Range Road project was one of the segments identified in the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Master Plan, a collaborative effort among public agencies, non-profit organizations and the public to construct a trail that would span Monterey Bay from the city of Pacific Grove to Santa Cruz County line.   Improvements to the existing four-mile paved Beach Range Road will include slurry seal, striping and signage, and safety items.  Areas of interest along the path will also be highlighted with interpretive panels and picnic tables, and bicycle racks will be installed.  The facility will offer users a greater separation from traffic on Highway 1, provide connection to the future Monterey Branch Line station at 8th Street and California State University Monterey Bay and allow visitors to experience the new Fort Ord Dunes State Park.

A visitor to Monterey County heads north of Sand City on our existing multi-use trail.

Thanks to Kaki Cheung, Transportation Agency for Monterey County,

for providing a press release about this event.

Download a poster about this event:  Oct 28 2010 Beach Range Rd


The Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) is responsible for investing in regional transportation projects for Monterey County residents, businesses and visitors.  The mission of TAMC is to develop and maintain a multimodal transportation system that enhances mobility, safety, access, environment quality and economic activities in Monterey County. For more information visit or call 831.775.0903.

This post was published on 22 October 2010. One or more changes last made to this post on 9 July 2015.

  1. marilynch says:

    Thanks for highlighting this additional need, Wendy.

  2. Wendy P. says:

    Great to see this happening, though many bicycle commuters would like to see a wider paved shoulder (or a separate paved path) along Imjin road from the bike path that ends at Imjin & 8 to Reservation road. Though it is a short stretch, it has narrow to nonexistent shoulders, and a high traffic area at peak commute hours. Thanks!

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