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Aug 2024 League Cycling Instructor seminar in Salinas

Take advantage of these special Monterey County opportunities: (1) Smart Cycling class in Marina on Saturday, July 13 (note date change). Register ASAP and no later than July 12. Currently welcoming participants age 14 or older, with class size limited to six people. (2) LCI seminar in Salinas on Friday through Sunday, August 2-4 (details in this post); seminar participants must be age 18 or older, and seminar is limited to sixteen people.
Deadlines for LCI seminar: Register for LCI seminar by July 12—or for early-bird discount, by July 5. To apply for a League Equity Scholarship for this LCI seminar, apply by July 8. Note: If you still need to fulfill the LCI seminar prerequisite mentioned below under “Are you qualified?” and want to attend the July 13 Smart Cycling class, register for that class ASAP, no later than July 12.

Frank Henderson, a resident of Monterey County and a Transportation Agency for Monterey County Golden Helmet award winner, is a Bike League LCI since 2005. Among Frank’s bike-related volunteer commitments is serving as an instructor since April 2012 in the bike tech classes launched by Bicycling Monterey at the Monterey County Probation Department Youth Center.

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