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May 2016: 8th year starts for Bicycling Monterey website and projects

Bernard Green and Jerry Ramos - students at CSUMB and HartnellWhether they are visitors or residents to Monterey County or bike elsewhere, diverse people have this in common: they find the Bicycling Monterey site and projects remarkable. To see what they have to say, click here.

Every month, thousands visit this website, such as Anneke Prins of the U.K., who showed her appreciation with these words and a financial contribution:

“Your site is really useful…It is, by far, the most comprehensive bicycle site for Monterey County…and regularly updated, which is rare.”
Bicycling Monterey began its 8th year in May 2016. In this 8th year, what can be expected? The level of contributions will play a part in determining that. If you find the Bicycling Monterey work of value, contribute what you can.

Contribute by debit card, credit card, or check

Click here for ways to contribute and FAQs.

Who has already contributed?

Read their names, along with the total amount contributed (from 2009 to the present) on the Contributions page.
About Bicycling Monterey

The Bicycling Monterey website and projects are provided as a public service, a grassroots effort in collaboration with the community. As the 8th year begins, they remain an entirely volunteer gig for founder Mari Lynch, a local business owner and resident of rural Monterey County since 1981. What inspired the founding of Bicycling Monterey? Mari’s renewed commitment to her lifelong joy in biking, and desire to share that joy, and the many benefits of biking, with others.

There are over 500 posts and pages

on Bicycling Monterey, for example:

Tips for Bicycling Monterey County, a 20-section guide. Tips for Bicycling Monterey County flier PDFCouple at Monterey Aquarium by Mari - 454
Master Calendar of Monterey County biking activities and events.Master Calendar for Bicycling Monterey County
Riding Skills, Safety Tips, and California Bike Laws, ” a 30-section guide that also includes Monterey County biking ordinances, such as about sidewalk riding.East Salinas shopperBe cool - CA bike law summary
Monterey County Bicycling Resources, a 32-section compilation of local bike community leaders.NPS Twilight Ride 5-18-11 048
Bicycle Advocacy: What you can do,” offering action steps and accompanied by a gallery of people representing Monterey County’s diverse bike community.Glenn Jacinto at SBP
Información en español sobre las bicicletas,” a resource compilation used by bike advocates and others throughout the U.S. and beyond.Tony's Bike Shop Castroville - Saul Soto - 30 May 2015
The HER Helmet Thursdays Project, discounts for males and females who bike. Included there is the project’s history from the Monterey County Weekly, two-minute audio from KUSP Central Coast Public Radio, and two-minute video from KSBW-TV along with links to listings, FAQS, and more.630-Lalla-Grill-doormanHER Helmet Thursdays 5th Anniversary poster - ds
Two-minute audios about the Monterey County bike scene, produced by Central Coast Public Radio KUSP of Santa Cruz.kusp_color_hi_res

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Hey! Who are those two guys above? Learn about them, and what these two college students were up to, inBack to the Books and Bikes.”

Fixie girls in Oldtown Salinas March 2014 - at Yangtse's - also burrito riders

You’ll find a wealth of information on the Bicycling Monterey website, for residents and visitors who bike Monterey County, and people who bike elsewhere.

Learn more about Bicycling Monterey; click here.

Questions? Contact Mari.

Salinas Methodist - Oct 2012 - IMG_2088

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