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Sustainable Pacific Grove

Tuesday, July 6 2010, 7 pm meeting of Sustainable Pacific Grove at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History.

Bikes, Electric Vehicles, Roundabouts, and Cows: surprising allies in reducing carbon emissions.

Four panelists with good news: saving energy is smart economics, too!

•    Lee Colin, Green Vehicles, local designer, manufacturer, and supplier of 100% electric vehicles.
•    Mari Lynch, HER Helmet Thursdays, ecology-economy partnership between businesses, organizations, and cyclists.
•    Ross Buckenham, California Bioenergy, converter of biomass (cow manure) into a clean energy source.
•    Sean Houck, RBF Consulting, designer of modern roundabouts that reduce CO2 emissions.

For more info, contact:  Denyse [AT] sustainablepg [DOT] org

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