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Tell us: New bike rack locations for Downtown Monterey and Wharf I

Looking for a bike rack in Downtown Monterey?   Chris and Alyce Broome of San Luis Obispo were when they stopped at Paris Bakery, a popular spot!  Your input is requested by the City of Monterey. Let them know if you’d like one of the new bike racks located here–or at other Downtown Monterey spots, or for Wharf I.

Perhaps you’ve read ways to improve bike infrastructure in Monterey County, on the “Bicycle advocacy: What you can do” resources page.

Here’s a quick and easy way to help! Respond to the City of Monterey’s request for input about new bike rack locations:

Where is more bike parking needed Downtown and on Wharf I?

The City of Monterey is dedicated to the promotion of active transportation through infrastructure improvements, program support, and the development of new facilities.  Providing secure and functional bicycle parking facilities at popular destinations is one way to encourage ridership.

This year, the City has allocated funds through the Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP) for the purchase and installation of ten bicycle racks Downtown and on Wharf #1/Old Fisherman’s Wharf.

To match bicycle parking supply with demand, we would like to hear from the bicycling community.  Please let us know where you would like to see additional bicycle racks Downtown and on Wharf #1.

Post your comments on Bicycling Monterey, or contact City of Monterey by phone 831.646.3473.

Thank you for your input.

–Ariana Green

Have a Twitter account?  You may also reply on Twitter @bikemonterey or @HERHelmetThurs.

Blue Ocean Film Festival input:

Blue Ocean Film Fest on Twitter @BlueOceanFilm suggests they want to be able to park their bikes in front of theatres, of course! Check out their venues from the last Blue Most of those have at least one bike rack nearby. An exception is that Osio Cinemas /Cafe Lumiere (across from Monterey Marriott) could use a rack.

Mari’s input:

I’ve also noticed a need for bike racks on the following downtown streets.  If you bike to these areas too, please chime in and let Ariana know what your priorities are for bike rack locations.

1. Washington: MY Museum and Paris Bakery.

2.  Munras:  Rack next to r.g. Burgers, near Trader Joe’s, get full at times.  How about a rack in front of Erik’s DeliCafe?  Or over on the patio near Peet’s?

3. Tyler:  Racks are needed for Turtle Bay, Epsilon, Bellagio’s etc.

4.  Cypress Plaza:  No bike racks yet at Cypress Plaza, which happens to be a unanimous HER Helmet Thursdays spot!  Tell us where you lock up your bike if heading to Wild Plum, Krua Thai, Parker Lusseau, El Palomar, Great Wall–and if you’d appreciate a genuine bike rack instead!

5.  Webster:  Parker Lusseau by PO – There’s  rack at PO, of course, but I often feel it’s not cool to leave my back there (tie up the PO rack for other PO users) if I’m going downstreet. (There are times when you’ll see half a dozen bikes at the PO, with their rack full and people locking up to poles.) Maybe more room for rack in front of travel agency than in front of Parker Lusseau.

6. Pacific:  No place to lock up bike handily if heading to Monterey Museum of Art.  Also, the City of Monterey Library rack gets full at times; a second would be great. Better yet–let’s dream:  How about a bike corral (like they have at NPS) and put it in the back parking lot of the library? See pics of those corrals here:

7.  Downtown Transit Plaza:  To encourage visitors and residents to use bike-and-ride option of MST bus, a cool NPS-style bike corral (with protection from weather) would be a wonderful addition to the plaza.  Go to the “Rain, Cold Temps” post and scroll down to see two SF Bay Area visitors who were trying to figure out where to lock up their bikes in the rain, while they strolled downstreet to enjoy a restaurant meal.

More Bicycle Parking info on this site

More about City of Monterey bike infrastructure

Here are examples of info you’ll find on this site:

Also check the Local Bike News section.

About the new racks:  Are you curious?

For new purchases, the City is considering moving away from serpentine-style bike racks to a new type of rack that provides fantastic wheel support, with a design that makes it easy to lock wheel and frame with even the smallest of U-locks.

Here are three photos showing examples of the type of new rack the City is looking at. 

(Photos used by permission of Chris Skrabanik,


Below:  Good. And in adding new racks, let’s go for something even better!

The type of racks pictured above are likely to be the new style purchased, rather than the serpentine-style bike racks, such as these above Wharf I.

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