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Video: “Stay in Your Lane” – Inspiration from Blackstone Bicycle Works

If you’ve followed Bicycling Monterey for years, you may remember that Blackstone Bicycle Works of Chicago is among those who played an inspirational role in Bicycling Monterey’s founding of the Monterey County Youth Center bike education program.

Youth Center bike shed, on one of my days sorting used parts.

Now Blackstone Bicycle Works has collaborated with Rhymefest and Donda’s House to inspire again, with…

“Stay in Your Lane”

Credits: executive producer, Rhymefest; producer, Connie Spreen; in association with Experimental Station, “building independent cultural infrastructure”; Blackstone Bicycle Works; Donda’s House; and Asha Iman Media.
For lyrics—by Jorge Mikell, Adarah Hale, Rio, and Maalik—watch it on Youtube and click “show more” below the video.

Another option—listen to the “Stay in Your Lane” audio only version, on Soundcloud:

Find out more about Blackstone at

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  1. Sheila. Arnold says:

    Great video… catchy rap/ tune… great teaching tool… thanks

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