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Summer Sizzlers in Salinas

The Kiddie Capers and Colmo Night Parade delighted observers packing Main Street, Salinas on 7/14/12.  Click here for a galley of 2012 photos.

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If you plan to bike or bike-and-ride to watch the parade, see tips on bicycling Salinas, and tips on biking in the dark.

At 6:30, the Kiddie Capers parade starts, and the Colmo begins at 8 p.m.  Looking for the parade route? Click here.

These special parades are in advance of the 2012 California Rodeo Salinas (July 19-22), a Salinas Valley tradition for over 100 years.

The couple below are pictured in front of

MYO Pure Frozen Yogurt’s location on  South Main, Salinas, an extra bike-friendly Salinas business:  a HER Helmet Thursdays participant. You’ll find a list of more Salinas HHT spots (places that give discounts to male and female bicyclists on Thursdays) in tips on bicycling Salinas.

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The information below was previously published July 12, 2010.

Hotter Than July: Salinas Cycling

East of Eden has been a well-kept tourism secret when it comes to Monterey County cycling.   The predominately wide, flat streets of Salinas, the Monterey County seat, make for easy biking.  Schedule some summer fun in John Steinbeck country!

If you are coming from another part of the county, you may want to also use other transportation, in addition to bicycling while in Salinas.  If so, click here for bike-and-ride tips.

Matt and Linda Greenlaw, Salinas cycling regulars, make a stop at the Steinbeck.

Visit Steinbeck Center, including Cowboy Culture Exhibit through July 31

Check out the Steinbeck Center’s new website for details on the California Rodeo Exhibition:  Cowboy Culture.  And, of course, ongoing is the renowned John Steinbeck Exhibition Hall.

Here’s something you might not know:  the Center also includes the Rabobank Agricultural Museum.  Salinas is known as the Salad Bowl of America/the World.

Salinas Music and Arts Summit –  August 8

One new event in our county seat is the Salinas Music and Arts Summit.  Bike or bike-and-ride to Natividad Creek Park for this free 11-4 event on August 8.

Refer to Adam Joseph’s story in the Monterey County Weekly (July 8-14 issue, or online) about the first summit, held July 11:  “Lofty Summit:  Dubwize, Cali Nation, and The Joint Venture headline first Salinas Music and Arts Summit.”

Need visitor info?

[Update:  Please refer to “What to do in Salinas” section of Tips guide for the latest about visitor information centers!]

Trish Sullivan (right) gives additional tips to a visitor at the close of the evening’s First Fridays Art Walk.

Here on a Thursday?

Thursdays are super days for people who bike in Salinas as well as elsewhere in Monterey County.

Discounts for bicyclists on Thursdays

For complete list of hundreds of places giving discounts, click here.

Steve Nichols spotted that HER Helmet Thursdays sign

and other evidence in the Salinas Valley Fish House window that this place is a big supporter of the community!

Now that’s entertainment! Matt and Linda Greenlaw pause to consider…

the diverse offerings among the Salinas HER Helmet Thursdays spots.  Aquablue wanted to join HER Helmet Thursdays (just like the Spa at Bernardus, Carmel Valley and the Vista Blue Spa in Monterey)–knowing that a rejuvenating or relaxing spa treatment can top the finest entertainment at just the right time.

First Awakenings, long popular

at their Pacific Grove location kitty-corner from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, is also an immediate hit at their location on Main Street in Salinas.

Both the Salinas and PG First Awakenings are charter participants in the HER Helmet Thursdays project.

What else is up in Salinas?
Don’t be surprised if you see live street music,

like this band playing in front of First Awakenings as part of the First Fridays Art Walk.

To stay in touch with what’s happening in Salinas, check the Salinas Californian print and online editions.

Through July 18, 2010, it’s California Rodeo time—the 100th year

Rodeo activities have already included the Colmo del Rodeo, a very popular parade, the first night parade in 23 years.  There were many folks on bicycles among those lining Main Street for this event, and closing out the parade line-up were City of Salinas Police officers on bicycles.

California Rodeo Salinas events continue, with official rodeo dates being Thursday,  July 15 to Sunday, July 18.  Check the California Rodeo website for details.

Local press coverage

Keep up with rodeo events via the Salinas Californian.  Watch the Monterey County Herald too, and be sure to pick up the July 15-21 issue of the Monterey County Weekly, or read it online.

The Weekly‘s cover story, “All I Need to Know I Learned at the Rodeo” includes:

  • “The Century Club,” by Mark C. Anderson;
  • “Stay real:  Country music legend Dwight Yoakam,” by Adam Joseph;
  • “Keep your cowboy hat on:  World-class bareback bronc riders Bobby Mote and Ryan Gray,” by Ellen Huet;
  • “The show must go on:  Miss California Rodeo 2009 Brittany Slaton,” by Daniela Covarrubias;
  • “Positive thinking is not optional:  Bullfighter/barrel man Don ‘Hollywood’ Yates,” by Luis Carrillo;
  • and the July 15-18 schedule of events.

Salinas Valley Criterium

Bike races sponsored by Grass Roots Cycling also take place in Salinas!  Click here for details.

More tips for bicycling Salinas

Check out more tips for cycling Salinas in the Tips for  Bicycling Monterey County section on “What to do in Salinas, the Monterey County Seat.”

This post was published on 12 July 2010. One or more changes last made to this post on 30 September 2017.

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