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Volunteers Help Keep Salinas Bike Party in a Positive Groove

For the latest contact info, refer to Bicycling Monterey’s main resources/bike community page.

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Salinas Bike Party is a monthly event. Why are neighborhood businesses and residents happy to welcome Salinas Bike Party to their ’hoods?

Salinas Bike Party’s goal for riders is simply to get on bikes and have fun, as a courteous social bike run. This includes following CA bike laws and showing courtesy to motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and others.

SBP invites all types of bicycles and has their own Salinas Bike Party rules (updated 9/4/12). Check them out, bring positive vibes, and be ready to get on your bike and have fun!

No wonder this local activity is receiving a warm welcome from residents–and businesses, like the one below.

Coming to the party? Brush up on your knowledge of California bike laws and safety tips too, or at least take a moment to review “7 Hot Tips for Party-Goers.”

SBP is seeking more volunteer OGs for this growing event.

Volunteers help keep SBP in a positive groove!

Do volunteers need to have a particular background to serve as an Organized Guider/ OG?  Here’s a summary of what’s  required to be an OG:

  • Wear any kind of reflective shirt or vest (SBP can assign you a vest if needed–email to reserve).
  • Serve as a role model regarding Salinas Bike Party rules, including following California bike laws.
  • Call out directions and reminders, such as “keep right” or “red light.”
  • Help in directing bikers along route, especially at intersections or when merging or turning.
  • Under 18 and want to volunteer as an OG?  Savvy youth leaders are welcome to help out too. (Keep in mind that a helmet is required by CA law for bikers under 18.)
  • For more about being a volunteer OG–or a volunteer Swooper–click here to go to Email to volunteer.

Great! Salinas Bike Party changed their day to Saturdays, as of November 2012. [Check for updates.] Now we can linger to the end of First Friday Art Walk and still do Salinas Bike Party too.  First weekend of the month is going to be a fun one!

Welcome to the neighborhood, Salinas Bike Party!

Gifts on the Go (831) 758-5118, neighbor to the 9/7/12 Salinas Bike Party meet-up spot behind Valley Center Bowl, was excited to welcome Salinas Bike Party to the neighborhood.

Gifts on the Go is a very occasion-based shop that loves parties!  Let them know if you are planning a bike-themed party or are looking for bike-art cards, stationery, gifts, or accessories. They are keyed in to customers’ needs–whether it be an engagement party,  baby shower, or other celebration–and they love bikes!

They stayed open past their usual 6 p.m. close time on 9/7/12 to accommodate anyone who likes to go shopping by bike, and just because they were so excited to welcome Bike Party-goers to the neighborhood!  Not a big shopper?  Gifts on the Go says:  “Please feel free to stop by just to say hello!”

Salinas Bike Party and Gifts on the Go are among the many community partners who recognize that the benefits of biking are many–including discovering new joys of biking Salinas!




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