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Produce Delivery from Hall’s Organic Farms

This post was last updated April 6 at 5:53 p.m. You may need to refresh your browser for the latest updates. It includes new online ordering information, new pricing options, pick-up option, and produce list for week of April 6th.

Hall’s Organic Farms launched a new Community Supported Agriculture / CSA home-delivery service in mid-March 2020.

Why the new home delivery is ultra helpful. Due to the threat of Coronavirus Disease / CODVID-19, State of California officials issued a stay-home order, which began statewide March 19, 2020 and continues until further notice. We support that statewide action! See our related post

In addition, many people found over-eager shoppers had cleared out grocery stores’ fresh produce departments of organic produce. For other people, their favorite farmers markets are temporarily not operating.

Hall’s Organic Farms helps to ensure that more people can have fresh, organic produce—by delivering it to their door! As confirmed again on 4/6/20, delivery is now free with a $30 minimum order; for orders under $30, there is a $5 delivery fee.

Where will they deliver? Hall’s Organic Farms will provide home delivery anywhere within 30 miles of Salinas.

Elsewhere in Monterey County?
This is a large county (3,771 square miles). For longer distances within the county, please contact Hall’s (details below) to inquire about delivery.

Order deadline: For delivery to your home, please place orders no later than 8 p.m. on Wednesday for Thursday delivery. For pick-up option, the same deadline applies.

Price—avocados: $3 each or 2 avos for $5, 5 avos for $10, 10 avos for $20.

Price—strawberries: $5 for 1 basket, $10 for 2 baskets, $12 for 3 baskets, $20 for half-flat, $35 for full flat.

Price— Assorted Veggies Mix and Match” —vegetables and herbs that can be ordered as “mix and match” items: $2 each, or 6 items for $10, 13 items for $20, 21 items for $30, or 30 items for $40.

Price—other vegetables and fruit, e.g., apples, asparagus, cauliflower, fingerling potatoes, green garlic, mandarins, oranges. Refer to order form for current offerings and pricing.

How to pay: cash, check, or Venmo hallsorganicfarms.

What is available? Refer to PDF below. For any future produce updates, subscribe to Hall’s Organic Farms weekly email notifications (for details on that, see the orange text box below).

(To simply view the PDF, click the PDF title. You also have the option to click download button.)

Pick-up option: For those who are leaving their homes (e.g., because you go out to an essential job or essential activity), there is an option to pick up your produce. Remember to support physical distancing / social distancing of at least 6 feet, per CA Governor’s order –!

How does the pick-up option work? You pick up your produce order anytime on Thursday. Where? Pick it up from the porch at 80 Monterey-Salinas Highway, which is just off Highway 68. Your name will be on your order.

When ordering, include your phone number. For home delivery, be sure to also include your physical address.

How to place your order: Sign up / subscribe to Hall’s weekly email notifications at . You will then receive email notifications that include each week’s current produce list and any other updates; the email will include that week’s order form. Did you find out about Hall’s from this site? When placing your first order, include in the notes “Referred by Bicycling Monterey.” Thank you.

Have other questions about Hall’s Organic Farms and their service? Email or text Stevie Hall at (831) 277-5207.

Need to phone? If, for example, you want to ask if they can deliver a large order to South County, it’s okay to phone Hall’s at the same number to inquire.


Instagram: @hallsorganicfarms

Thank you, Hall’s Organic Farms
—and all farmers—
for growing our food!

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Yes, the strawberries below were organically home-grown by Bicycling Monterey’s founder. But if we had to rely on our own tiny strawberry patch, we’d not be eating many strawberries! Thanks to Hall’s Organic Farms, and other farmers, for satiating our appetite for strawberries.

This post was published on 18 March 2020. One or more changes last made to this post on 6 April 2020.

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