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Monterey Bay Region Leaders: San Benito County support for kids who bike or walk to school

San Benito led the way for the Monterey Bay tri-county region in providing “Suggested Walking and Bicycling Routes to School”—in English y en español for elementary, middle, and high schools Although since 2011 that’s been highlighted in Bicycling Monterey’s BicycleMaps section, as well as being highlighted in Bike San Benito tips, many people haven’t spotted that yet (hey, there are over 700 pages of content on!). So we wanted to bring this San Benito leadership to your attention during Bike Month!

Here’s to such school-specific tips being made available in Monterey County and throughout the Monterey Bay region, as well as throughout California and beyond.

For Bike to School resources and a sampling of Monterey County support for children and teens biking to school, click here. For some Safe Routes to School news for Monterey County—including related resources on this site, click here.

Photo below provided by Veronica Lezama, transportation planner for San Benito County.

This post was published on 9 May 2018. One or more changes last made to this post on 19 November 2019.

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