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House Music

Zettler, Broussard, Weiss in Monterey, where they started their west coast tour with a house concert!

(Photo by Sierra Dehmler)

Editor Paul Wilner wrote the cover story for the May 27-June 2, 2010 Monterey County Weekly on “The Rise of a Do-It-Yourself Scene in Local Living Rooms [print edition title; or on the web as “Local house concerts provide struggling musicians with respite from economic travails.”]. Photographer Nic Coury shot all photos for the piece.  Adam Joseph also contributed to the story.

Lauren Zettler, Allison Weiss, and Lelia Broussard graced the Weekly cover—the only cover they did in Monterey.  Original tunes were performed by all three musicians on May 17 at their Monterey house concert! It was the first concert on their west coast tour, followed on May 18 by a show at the Union Room at Biscuits and Blues, San Francisco.

Their Monterey concert was hosted by Sierra Dehmler, as reported in the Weekly and on this site.  Upcoming concerts planned by Sierra are tentatively scheduled for Tues, 6/8, Amber Rubarth and Ian Axel; and Fri, 7/30, Lelia Broussard, Jake Newton, and Joey Ryan.

© 2010 by the Monterey County Weekly.
Photo by the Weekly’s Staff Photographer Nic Coury

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Pictured L to R: Lauren Zettler, Allison Weiss, Lelia Broussard.

Read that “House Music” cover story, “Local house concerts provide struggling musicians with respite from economic travails,” by Paul Wilner.

The Weekly story also highlights a prior concert featured at the same venue, Greg Holden, Ian Axel, and Katie Costello, co-hosted by Sierra and Drew Pearce.

One of my other favorite venuesTree House Concerts, is prominently featured in the Weekly‘s cover story, along with two other popular Monterey County house concert venues:  Roost House and the Venue.  Tree House has been hosting house concerts in Monterey County since 2003, including such legendary artists as Ramblin’ Jack Elliott.

For details on Monterey County house concerts, pick up the May 27-June 2, 2010 Weekly–the print version includes more of Coury’s photos–or read the Weekly online version of this story,  “Sound Stages:  Local house concerts provide struggling musicians with respite from economic travails.”

As stated in Greening Up Live Music, bringing your favorite musicians to your living room (rather than driving two hours to the City), is not only a ton of fun, it’s the ecologically sound thing to do.

Post-house concert yoga in Monterey, May 18…

Performing in intimate venues calls for de-stressing yoga, and Lindsey (above) is touring with Broussard-Weiss-Zettler to help keep them healthy and happy.

Out of the area?

Check out the links on the Tree House Concerts site, which include a list of house concert resources and venues.

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Thanks to the Monterey County Weekly

for their coverage and support of live music performances in Monterey County.

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