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Celebrate Cycling in Monterey County

4/1/12 update: See Bicycling Monterey’s Tips for the 22nd Annual Sea Otter Classic, April 19-22, 2012.

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Celebrate Cycling in Monterey County includes an intro to the 21st  Annual Sea Otter Classic, April 14-17, 2011.

Sea Otter’s environmental efforts include encouraging more bicycling by the 8,000 amateur and pro cyclists and 50,000 fans and other bicycle enthusiasts who come to this event:

  • See their  “Ditch the Car” web page for tips on reaching Sea Otter while making a lighter carbon footprint.
  • Check out their “Visit Monterey County” page, which points out the bike-ability of neighborhoods surrounding  many popular attractions.

Photo courtesy of Sea Otter Classic.

Besides highlighting  Sea Otter, the world-renowned cycling festival held annually in Monterey County, the Health Matters article also includes a list of other  Monterey County cycling resources, available year-round.  For additional local resources, click here.

Isn’t Sea Otter just for racers and spectators?

Some people mistakenly think Sea Otter is only for racers.   Sea Otter is for anyone with an interest in bicycles–from tots and teens to elders, from casual recreational riders to professional elite racers.  And because it includes North America’s largest bike expo, Sea Otter is  even for those who only like to shop for cool bike gear for others!

The 2011 Sea Otter includes Ladies Activities on Sunday, April 17, celebrating and supporting all females who love bikes–from internationally acclaimed adult pro racers to little girls on tricycles.  Women-specific activities include seminars on women’s bike fit, bike maintenance and cleaning clinic, and more.  A Women by Design panel discussion will be followed by a wine and chocolate reception.

From activities for kids to a beer and barbecue garden, there’s something at Sea Otter for just about everyone!

Browse around the Sea Otter Classic website for lots more information, including about the Gran Fondo fully supported  recreational rides.

Check out one local family’s experience of Sea Otter

  • Click here to read about the 2010 Sea Otter,  including 2000 photos of Monterey County natives who met graduation requirements by racing Sea Otter!
  • Click here to read the Off 68 article about that same local family, and see their 2011 photo.

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Health Matters is a quarterly insert of the Monterey County Herald.  Find the print version of “Celebrate Cycling” in the Spring 2011 edition of Health Matters at various locations throughout Monterey County.  Looking for the online edition?  Click here.

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