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2010 Sea Otter Classic

Type “Sea Otter” in this site’s search window for more about this world-renowned bike festival and races.  For most updates about the 22nd Annual Sea Otter Classic  (April 19-22, 2012), visit the Sea Otter Classic website.

Monterey native Aaron Magenheim, then 16, accepts award at the 10th Sea Otter.

Thursday, April 15 was Opening Day of the 20th Anniversary  Sea Otter Classic.  And Monterey County greeted visiting cyclists in a brand new way:  with HER Helmet Thursdaysdiscounts throughout MoCo for anyone riding a bicycle on Opening Day.

Happy 20th Anniversary, Sea Otter!

April 15-18, 2010

While HER Helmet Thursdays participating businesses and organizations offer discounts to cyclists every Thursday, offering them on Opening Day of the 20th anniversary of the world’s largest cycling festival couldn’t be more perfect.  As the HER Helmet Thursdays participants extended this special welcome, they let about 8,000 professional and amateur cyclists and 50,000 fans and other bike enthusiasts see that Monterey County has taken new steps to make this one of the most cycling friendly places in the United States.

Remembering Sea Otter’s earlier years

Monterey County is happy to have a new reward for Sea Otter cyclists, for Sea Otter has contributed a lot to the lives of many over these 20 years.  The local family pictured below even made Sea Otter an 8th grade graduation requirement as part of their homeschooling curriculum.  No ho-hum physical education routine for these Monterey County kids!

Kira Magenheim, a homeschooler and native of Monterey County, fulfilled her eighth grade graduation requirements by racing in the 2000 Sea Otter.  Kira’s brother, Aaron, and dad, Sieg Magenheim—both cycling regulars—also competed.
Aaron Magenheim races through the mist at the 10th Sea Otter.

Four days of celebrating cycling

Those making the trek to this year’s Sea Otter Classic will be greeted with the best in competitive and non-competitive events.  The Mountain Bike events include the Cross Country, Dual Slalom, Super D and Downhill. Road cyclists enjoy Road Racing, Criterium, and Circuit Racing on the world famous Laguna Seca Raceway.

For those who want to take a less competitive route, Sea Otter offers a Mountain Bike Tour and a new-for-2010 Gran Fondo, which I’d been hearing about from Jan Valencia, Velo Club Monterey’s Answer Man.


Cycle stuff and kids’ activities

The expo area of the Sea Otter is the showcase for 300 exhibitors from across the cycling spectrum.  This vast expanse of cycling goodies and people isn’t just for adults; kids have their own place to play! There will be daily kids’ activities, including the Sea Otter Egg Hunt, Kids Bike Play Zone, bounce houses, and more.

Related activities are happening in conjunction with the Sea Otter.   For more information, see, visit them on Facebook, or  call 800.218.8411.

California premiere of Ride the Divide

Ride the Divide premiered at the Vail Film Fest April 2-4, where it was awarded Best Adventure Film.

Its California premiere took place on the Sea Otter’s opening day, Thursday, April 15.

Appropriately, the screening took place at a cyclist-loving HER Helmet Thursdays spot. See separate post on this site for details, including a list of other extra cyclist-friendly places in the Cannery Row and New Monterey neighborhoods near the film showing site:

Cannery Row IMAX Hosts California Premiere of Ride the Divide

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4/8/11 update:  For a 2011 look at the Magenheim family, click here.

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