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Dress-Up Challenge Gallery: Bike love, your style!

The people below are all part of Monterey County’s first Dress-Up Challenge, a non-competitive event for Bike Week.

Prize-winners will be determined by a raffle drawing. Names of prize winners will be drawn by Megan Tolbert, Transportation Planner for California State University-Monterey Bay (CSUMB).   Prizes will be awarded and winners notified the week of May 16.

What’s meant by dress-up?  Check out the Dress-Up Challenge post to learn more.  Thank you to the bike advocates pictured below, who demonstrated the joy of biking in this new Monterey County Bike Week event!

Dressed to bike to work….

Eco-minded Kera Abraham, Assistant Editor at the solar-powered Monterey County Weekly, bikes to work regularly.

Dressed up for work, in downtown Monterey.

No wonder she has such a bright smile!  After her workday at one of the fun HER Helmet Thursdays spots, she now has the joy of a bike commute home.

“Because you never know if a big one might come!”

Sophie De Beukelaer, dressed up to ride in a tsunami zone, as she returns from a Wednesday evening sailboat race.

“Hey! If under-18 fashionistas in California have to smash their hair under a helmet, even dressed up, I’ll show some solidarity!”

At the Naval Postgraduate School, home of the NPS Cycling Club–terrific bike advocates–and location of the best bicycle parking in the county!

(Photo courtesy of NPS.)

I’m dressed up for warmth while I take a little breakfast break.  And I’m loving this morning ride with Dad along 17-Mile Drive in Pebble Beach!

Son of Captain and Mrs. Jerrod Adams

Mom is dressed in the color of the blue waters and sky she enjoys on this beautiful ride with her lover, and children, to Lovers Point, Pacific Grove.
Dad, dressed in his NPS Cycling Club jersey, shows his NPS colors and that he’s a bike ambassador for Monterey County.

U.S. Army Captain and Mrs. Jerrod Adams and Family

(Check out their little ones above and below this picture.)

I, and my little brother, are dressed for the ocean breezes along the Pacific Grove bike trail to Lovers Point–protected behind our bike trailer screen.

(And I’m protecting my breakfast-to-go from my little brother’s roaming fingers.  Don’t worry, I’m sharing–he’s that age where he’s just learning to share.)

Children of Captain and Mrs. Jerrod Adams

Dressed for a trip to Target

(en route to the Edgewater Shopping Center in Sand City).

When Christine van Burken of the Netherlands needed to go shopping, she decided to go to Target by bike.  She was delighted to find “this fantastic bike trail in the direction of Seaside!”  She’s  referring, of course, to part of our 18-mile Monterey Bay Coastal Trail. That was a happy discovery for Christine.  “I’m visiting from the Netherlands for a few months and always ride my bike!”

Christine comes from a very bike-friendly part of the world, and as you can see better in the closeup below,  she is quite used to and at ease with biking in a short dress.  Find that and other tips in the primary Dress-Up Challenge post.

“My mum and dad came over for a visit, and we biked around a lot too,” Christine added.

Below are her parents, Geurt and Stien van Burken….

Dressed to explore Monterey by bicycle


Dressed for a beautiful–and long–bike commute

Diego Tapia of Santa Cruz County, on his bike commute.  He had just biked from work at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula and is pictured here along Highway 1 in Moss Landing, as he headed on home to Watsonville.

Diego Tapia - CHOMP to Watsonville - May 2011 004

Gabe Alvizo of Salinas

Dressed for work

and dressed to have fun en route home–like any bike-savvy 19-year-old would!  Check out Gabe in the People for Bikes:   Bikes Make Life Better post.  Maybe Gabe will come to a Twilight Ride and show us some maneuvers on the Mazda Racetrack!

Kaki Cheung in Salinas,

Dressed for  high-visibility

on bike routes (shared with cars).  What’s up with the iPhone?  Kaki is demonstrating use of the Cycle Tracks app.

Dressed to keep the peace

Officer Kevin Mead of the Salinas Police Department

Dressed to keep warm on a chilly day

Mike Cortez  in Oldtown Salinas

Dressed for work, and to swing by the bike shop

Robert Reyes

Dressed to tell the world:

Retirement life is great for biking.  Bike to work?  Not me!  Been there, done that.

Dressed to show that we sisters are each unique;
except that we all like to ride bikes!

Dressed to show her British sense of style

Annabelle Bull

Dressed for an afternoon in the neighborhood….

Laurel Thomsen

Dressed to show it’s cinchy–

because using the bike-and-ride option of the MST bus expands your travel options!

Dressed to show you can bike through a healthy pregnancy

Kira Belan

(Photo credit: Travis Geske for the Salinas Californian, Off 68)



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