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Bicycle Secure Program: Recommended change to Active Transportation Support Program — Transportation Agency for Monterey County

The photos and links at the end of this post are simply representative
of the types of recommendations TAMC staff is making. They are not intended
to imply plans for exact replications of those activities.

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People yearning for more and better options for secure parking of their bicycles, scooters, or skateboards—as well as people desiring bicycle maintenance stations, do-it-yourself maintenance items, night riding items, League of American Bicyclists instructor training, and other support for active transportation (i.e., walking, biking, skateboarding, scooting)—will be among those interested in the October 6, 2021 meeting of the Transportation Agency for Monterey County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

The October 6, 2021 meeting’s agenda item #4 is a TAMC staff-recommended update to the Bicycle Secure Program. The update would include a new name, initially suggested by staff to be “Walk and Roll Support Program.” [Update: Committee input included naming the new program Active Transportation Support Program.] It would expand the program to provide more supports for active transportation throughout Monterey County. 

Agenda item #4 includes TAMC staff recommendations for the committee’s input; as usual, public comment is also welcome. Below is an overview. For details, refer to pages 10-11 of the Oct 6 agenda packet, “Bike Secure Program Update,” including its link on page 11:

Staff recommendations include those outlined below. Note that each of these program components would have their own specific requirements. 

Roll Repair Program

Maintenance tools and training resources for schools and nonprofits who wish to run their own maintenance program. 

Bicycle Support Kits

Maintenance and safety items, e.g., lights, reflectors, tire pumps, patch kits, inner tubes.

Checkout aka Loaner Program

To help those wishing to loan bike materials to their employees or students, or to community members, TAMC would offer guidance on how to manage such a program. 

League of American Bicyclists aka Bike League Training

TAMC would like to partner with local schools and nonprofits to host workshops to train people wishing to become instructors regarding bike safety and education. 

Racks and Lockers

Continue the existing program’s options of purchasing and shipping bike, scooter, and skateboard racks and lockers to businesses and organizations.

Didn’t know about these TAMC bike-ped meetings? The public is welcome and encouraged to attend them. Currently the meetings are remote (all attend by phone or via Zoom), due to the global pandemic.

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The photos and links below are simply representative of the
types of recommendations (e.g., education, maintenance support)
that TAMC staff is making,
as well as offering some related history about local needs.
They are not intended to imply plans for exact replications of those activities.

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