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Bicycle Lanes and Parking Big Rigs: Truckers Sharing the Road / Bus Drivers Sharing the Road

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Bicycle lanes are for…bicycles! And a big rig driver who is a parking pro—like the Reliable Carriers professional below— knows how to park their truck (or bus) in a way that doesn’t intrude on bike lanes.

Wherever you ride, when you see a truck or bus whose driver is mindful of sharing the road with bicycles, please let them know they’re appreciated. Post a photo on social media, with the hashtag #TruckerSharingTheRoad (or for buses, hashtag it #BusDriverSharing the Road). If it’s a commercial vehicle, add a hashtag for their company name too, so their employer will more likely notice as well.

For related tips—helpful during Monterey Car Week and Pebble Beach Automotive Week— or anytime, anywhere, see  “Tips for commercial drivers and people who bike” (short link:
Click the right arrow on the photo below for more views of this Reliable Carriers rig. 

For photos of another parking pro, a driver for VIP Transport—as well as other, not-so-pro parking jobs by commercial drivers—click here, then scroll down.

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Anytime, anywhere, when you catch truck or bus drivers “doing good,” post their photos on social media with the hashtag #TruckerSharingTheRoad or #BusDriverSharingTheRoad. See link in bio above. . . Bicycling Monterey loves to catch big rig drivers “doing good” – good job of pulling in tight and leaving the bike lanes clear for people on bicycles. Tip of the helmet to this #ReliableCarriers driver spotted Aug 19, 2018 on Garden Road, Monterey. Many truckers have arrived on the Monterey Peninsula for Aug 18-26 events, and their professionalism with parking skills varies. Give the good ones a shout-out! . . Related tips for Monterey Car Week / Pebble Beach Automotive Week / Concours d’Elegance on . . . #dogood #sharetheroad #roadsafety #MontereyCarWeek #PebbleBeach #ConcoursdElegance #CarWeek #road #roads #bigrig #bigrigs #truck #trucks #truckin #trucker #driving #professional #share #montereycounty #bikemonterey #bicyclingmonterey #bicycle #bicycles #bike #bikes #monterey #cars

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