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Waterfront Concerts–with Bike Valet Parking

8/5/11 update:  And here’s the new schedule, listing performers  for Monterey Plaza’s 2011 concert series, June through September 2011: (Not on Facebook? It isn’t necessary to be a FB account holder to view it.)

6/1/11 update:  Schedule for June and July 2011 concerts are on Monterey Plaza’s Facebook page now:

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Monterey Plaza’s Free Concerts on the Bay

If your idea of evening fun is live music on the waterfront, bike on over to the Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa for their free summer/fall concert series.  Park and lock it yourself, or pedal on in to their covered driveway, and let their valets handle your bike.

Alcohol and bicycling

Wondering about enjoying alcohol, then bicycling?  Simply use the same good judgment that you’d use about getting behind your handlebars as you’d use about getting behind the wheel of car.   See drinking and bicycle safety tips at “Wine-ding Your Way along Monterey County Bikeways.”

Many of those wineries are Monterey Plaza neighbors.  You may want to take a Friday afternoon bike ride to do some wine tasting before pedaling over to Monterey Plaza for the 5-9 p.m. concert!

Eco-aware, and pampered too

Summer months are full of fun events in Monterey County.  September is super celebrated here too, for our colorful sunsets and typically best weather!  Concerts on the waterfront, bicycle valet parking, ah….this is the life!

Who says you can’t be an eco-conscious traveler and still enjoy some of life’s little luxuries?   In Monterey County, bike valet parking is one way we say yes to both.

Young, old, male, female—virtually everyone likes to be taken care of at times.  For details on this unique way cyclists are cared for by Monterey County hospitality professionals, see the “Bike Valet Parking” section of Tips for Bicycling Monterey County.

Musician Laurel Thomsen knows all about this special service to cyclists offered in her native county.  And this valet at the Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa (home of HER Helmet Thursdays participants Cafe La Strada, The Duck Club, Schooners Bistro on the Bay, and Vista Blue Spa) clearly enjoys this duty—all in a day’s work for valets on the Monterey Bay!

Irene and Jeff Dibble of Sonoma love traveling to Monterey activities by bicycle.

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