Be a Community Reviewer

Please contact me with your suggestions or questions about this site, including navigation.

Site changes are constantly in process–including content revisions, formatting, photo work, and more.  If you’re WordPress savvy (or wannabe),  your help is welcome.

 Community review

In my earliest days as a writer and editor, when working on textbooks that would be used in public school systems, it was necessary to have a widespread community review of a manuscript draft. Here you can serve as a community reviewer!

Your input will be helpful. Please don’t think you are being critical, just think of yourself as a community reviewer—only now the “community” is the online community of the World Wide Web, and the manuscript draft is already posted on this billboard of the world.

Yes, most of these problems I would recognize, if only if I had the time to carefully edit and proofread the site myself. However, I realized at the outset of setting up this community service site/bike blog that if I were going to dive in and do projects to help make Monterey County, and beyond, more bicycling friendly, I would have to tell that exacting writer/editor  (my professional self) to just give it a rest. My moving HER Helmet Thursdays and other Bicycling Monterey projects forward wouldn’t have been possible if I were to take time out for the usual conventions. 

Broken links

Please report broken links.  Why do they happen?

  • Sometimes an organization or business I link to redesigns their website, which results in lots of broken links. (Some website designers are far better about this than others!) Point out broken links, and as time allows, I will repair them. Or volunteer to help.
  • Sometimes when text that includes links to my own site (or others) are cut and moved to another spot, the links get lost, which isn’t apparent until you click on the link someday.  Back in 2011, when this page was last updated, WordPress was defaulting most broken links to my business website. While that beats getting a random error message, I’d rather you were linked to the intended info, so please speak up!
Share your own ideas

Input on content is also welcome, especially sharing your experiences of biking in Monterey County. You may do so publicly by posting a comment, or privately by contacting me. Have a lot of info to share?  Contact me about the possibility of writing a guest post.