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The August Ascent: Fixed Gear/Singlespeed Race

Fixed gears /singlespeed were well represented at the 8/3/12 Salinas Bike Party. Since that is an urban ride, on public roads, keep in mind “Bicycles must be equipped with a brake that allows an operator to execute a one-braked-wheel skid on dry, level, clean pavement. CVC 21201(a).)” Why? Click here.

Photo courtesy of Jan Valencia

More action is coming for fixie riders on August 6!

THIS MONDAY! For all fixed gear and singlespeed riders. Come out and race for only 1 dollar, and have a chance at winning some prizes! 10.38 mile course. Sponsored by Bear Bikes. visit for more info
  • Salinas Valley Fixed Gear is a community of fixed gear/track bike riders who strive to think outside the box.  To learn more, visit their blog,
  • Prize donor Bear Bikes is a North Salinas bike shop, located between Sherwood Gardens and Alvin Square (look for  neighboring Kawasaki Suzuki motorcycle dealership).  Bear Bikes, 1288 North Main, Salinas; 831/444-8460.
For more about fixies on this site, see “Spinning Spokes and Telling Jokes:  The Birth of F.N.B.

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