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Open Streets in the Monterey Bay Region and Beyond

  1. Our Santa Cruz County neighbors had the first Open Streets event for the Monterey Bay tri-county region, held on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz on October 7, 2012. Visit Open Streets Santa Cruz County for upcoming dates.
  2. In Monterey County, the first Open Streets took place October 6, 2013. See Bicycling Monterey’s Ciclovía Salinas section for history and more, including contact info so you won’t miss the next dates.
  3. For San Benito County, check with San Benito bike community leaders–Council of Governments and others–about any upcoming Open Streets there.
Learn more about the Open Streets movement throughout North America by visiting the Open Streets Project website, which lists Ciclovía Salinas and other initiatives.Barricades - learning to set up 9-12-13

Encouraging neighbors

Saskia Lucas of Santa Cruz Open Streets brought her enthusiasm and support to the 9/12/13 barricade training for the first Ciclovía Salinas, which took place 10/6/13.

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According to the sources cited below, it appears that Ciclovia Salinas is among the first dozen locations in California to have a Ciclovia/Open Streets event.

Sources regarding California’s growing

numbers of Ciclovia/Open Streets locations

California Bicycle Coalition

On 5/3/13, the California Bicycle Coalition reported Ciclovía Salinas would be the 9th location in California. See the @calbike tweet below sent to @bikemonterey.

. Congrats on the Salinas ciclovia! That’s #9 in Cali. Our goal is 20 by 2017. On our way! 12:04 PM – 3 May 2013

Cal Bike updated with this correction on 9/23/13, as they’d made an inadvertent error in their count: Salinas is #10 not #9. Beyond that, their earlier info referred only to the CA counties where they are working especially hard to get Ciclovia/Open Streets locations happening–the most populous counties in California (among those, Monterey County).

The Open Streets Project

As of 9/22/13, (the first Ciclovia Salinas was 10/6/13)  The Open Streets Project website indicated there were eleven such initiatives in California. Visit The Open Streets Project website for any additional locations in CA, and to grab the links from their list. As of 9/22/13, their CA list included:
  1. Car-Free Sundays in Golden Gate Park
  2. CicLAvia
  3. CicloSDias
  4. Long Beach Bike Festival
  5. Oaklavia
  6. San Francisco Sunday Streets
  7. Santa Barbara Open Streets ¡Calles Vivas!
  8. Santa Cruz Open Streets
  9. Shasta Living Streets
  10. Street Play Sunday
  11. Streets Alive San Mateo County

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  1. marilynch says:

    Saskia Lucas
    Submitted on 2012/08/07 at 17:07

    Thank you Mari for spreading the word about Santa Cruz Open Streets, coming Sunday, Oct. 7th, 2012, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on West Cliff Drive. To stay abreast of event updates, please find us on Facebook and “like” our page at

    I also encourage folks to RSVP on the SCOS event page and invite friends.

    I hope to see our Monterey and San Benito neighbors on October 7th. Come up and join in on the fun!

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