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Celebrate Earth Day on the Multi-Use Trail

Cyclists on Monterey County bikeways include families like this one….

Earth Day is being celebrated locally with a community ride and potluck barbecue on Friday, April 22.  Anyone with a bicycle, tricycle, unicycle, handcycle, and even those with skates or a skateboard are encouraged to come glide along the multi-use/bike path with Green Pedal Couriers and friends.

What’s up? Green Pedal team members are gathering their buds to celebrate the bike and expand the circle of their friends in the growing cycling community of Monterey County.

While two wheels are Green Pedal’s main thing, they like to skateboard and use the trail in other ways too.  And since the multi-use path is shared by a variety of users, Green Pedal wants to help build a stronger and more positive share-the-path vibe among everyone.

Come on out and make some new friends while you ride/glide and party with Green Pedal.

Locals and visitors are welcome, as are people of all ages.  Children and families will be warmly included.  With this in mind, the event is planned to end well before dark, and the ride will stick to the multi-use path (children and others will not be sharing a road with cars).

The ride starts around 2 o’clock at the Custom House Plaza (pictured above).  If you’re coming from Marina, Seaside, or North Monterey on the multi-use/bike path, you can cut through right behind the Maritime Museum (pictured below), or continue on the path until just before the Fisherman’s Wharf/Wharf I and cut through there.

Who’s coming?  Perhaps folks such as the faces you see below….

Whoops!  The photographer distracted the couple below, who were previously very mindful about staying in their own lane.   🙂

Text break!

At the Earth Day ride, expect to find plenty of new friends to communicate with face-to-face.  Come join the party and meet other people in the Monterey County cycling community!

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Happy Earth Day!  Other Earth Day celebrations this week  include the Naval Postgraduate School celebration on Thursday, April 21, 10-2 for the NPS community.  Bicycling Monterey/HER Helmet Thursdays will be represented again, so if you are an NPSer, please come by the booth and say hi.

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