Green Pedal Couriers: Court Filings, Medical Deliveries, Home and Business Errands

2021 update:  On 8/16/21 Michael Baroni, owner of Green Pedal Couriers of Monterey, advised us that has closed his courier business.

We first met Mike Baroni on December 8, 2009, after seeing a poster for his courier business in a Lighthouse Avenue, Monterey retail store’s window. Baroni had a bicycle courier/delivery service, Green Pedal Couriers, that he’d begun in 2009.

We talked with Michael to get the most accurate information about his business; and we shared the info below in 2010, plus some updates from Michael in 2011.

* * *

Green Pedal is happy to run many types of errands–food deliveries, prescription deliveries, and more.  And what else?

Green Pedal Specialties

Green Pedal Couriers offers court document filings.  Green Pedal bikes to both the Salinas and Monterey Court Houses.

Medical office deliveries are another Green Pedal specialty.  Doctors, dentists, path labs professionals, and more can all know that they are supporting a health-building delivery service–one that strengthens the health of its individual riders while it also has a positive impact on public health, through keeping the environment cleaner.  It all adds up, and Mikey Baroni recognizes the value of bicycling’s impact on both personal and environmental health, one pedal stroke at a time.

Do you have business or community service promotional material to take to various locations around the county?  Let Green Pedal deliver those posters, fliers, or other materials around the county for you!

Keeping up with Green Pedal

Green Pedal riders bike the Monterey Peninsula–and now, Salinas too–from morning to night.

The most current Green Pedal info on the World Wide Web will be found on Green Pedal Couriers Facebook page at present.  Or email Green Pedal at:  greenpedalmonterey [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Service areas

As of April 2011, Green Pedal’s service areas include the Monterey County communities listed below.  (Note that this list is more current than the service areas posted on the Green Pedal website.)

  • California State University Monterey Bay campus, Marina
  • Carmel
  • Del Rey Oaks
  • Monterey (multiple zones, including Ryan Ranch and Garden Road)
  • Pacific Grove
  • Pebble Beach (parts of PB only)
  • Salinas
  • Sand City
  • Seaside