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Bike infrastructure: Making the future brighter

“Daddy, will this be a good place to bike when we grow up?  And will there be more bike paths–maybe even from our house to our school?”

Children can be given a truthful, positive answer to that question when many people work together to make it happen!

There are so many reasons to bike. And there’s a lot that’s already wonderful about bicycling in Monterey County–places and people–plus resources and information to help you find and more fully experience and enjoy them.

Making the future even brighter

There’s also plenty that still needs to be done to make this an even more bicycling friendly place for those inquiring children, and for residents and visitors of all ages.

How to share the local bike scene with others?   And how to improve it?  See “Bicycle Advocacy:  What you can do.”

Here’s one example: Review the City of Monterey’s Downtown Specific Plan, and offer your comments.  (The draft was posted 6/20/12; click here.)

For info on biking to school, click here.

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