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Ocean Love: Bike to Surf, Sail to Bike

Rain received November 1, 2022 was needed and welcomed—including by the surfer above, who we spotted biking near Lovers Point in Pacific Grove’s section of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail network. No worries about getting wet when you’re biking in a wetsuit.

Above: Tim is regularly seen biking to a variety of destinations—commuting to his workplace, transporting his children to their destinations, and yes, to surf too.

Above: Biking to surf, you bet—and to the farmers market for fresh, local, organic produce.

Sail to Bike

Sailing to reach a beautiful place to use their folding bicycles—the Monterey Peninsula—is one of a multitude of reasons two sailors anchored in Monterey Harbor last month love traveling by boat.

As the couple, and their pup, headed south along California’s Central Coast, they had a special treat. A huge blue whale—bigger than their 44′ Passport—stayed with those delighted sailors for over an hour, going back and forth from one side of their boat to the other. The whale even turned on its side, apparently to look at them, and the sailors told us: we swear it smiled!

This post was published on 1 November 2022.

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