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Bike Buzz: Sept 2019

Update, Sept 17 – check thread of today’s @bikemonterey tweet about #SB127 / #CompleteStreets. That approved legislation—if Governor Newsom signs it! (urge him to)—could positively affect infrastructure of people who bike, walk, etc. in Salinas, San Lucas, Soledad, and more than 185 other communities throughout California. [Oct 12 update: Governor Newsom vetoed the bill; details:

Update to this Sept 3 issue of “Bike Buzz”: on Sept 11, SB 127 was passed. Next step: contact Governor Newsom, urging his signature

Sept 3 post: The California Bicycle Coalition, of which Bicycling Monterey is a local partner, urges CA residents to phone their Assembly Member promptly regarding SB 127, Complete Streets for Active Living—and to tell them you want their YES vote. This may be the most important legislation our statewide coalition has ever sponsored—and is the sole reason we took time out to send Bicycling Monterey subscribers an email today. Perhaps you’ve read on some examples of state highways in Monterey County that would be impacted by SB 127. For the most current SB 127 details, and to grab your Assembly Member’s phone number quickly, refer to (For those who cannot make a phone call, refer to

Below is some other Sept 2019 news, primarily for Monterey County visitors and residents.

September 11, Salinas: This month’s Twilight Ride at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca will be hosted by California Custom Sheds Cycling Team .
September 20-27, Global: All-ages Climate Strike. Related info  for Salinas, Santa Cruz, and worldwide: 
September 27-29, Monterey: Kudos to Monterey Jazz Festival for its eleventh consecutive year of bike valet parking service, and other greening initiatives
October 6, Salinas: Monterey County visitors and residents, the next Open Streets date is Sunday, October 6, 2019, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Ciclovia Salinas. Barricade volunteers (ages 18+) are needed.
People who bike on North Fremont Street, Monterey: note the heads-up about crosswalk use, and if you’ll be in that area September 14, 1-2 p.m., check out the Grand Opening celebration
California State University Monterey Bay, Hartnell College, and Monterey Peninsula College: note the August 21, 2019 update to
Congratulations to Monterey County’s newest local bike shop, Toro Grind, owned by Gears 4 Good founder Steve Benes Toro Grind, which opened September 2, and other Local Bicycle Shops are listed in the Tips for Bicycling Monterey County 20-section guide for visitors and locals. 

And before long, there will be yet another new Monterey County bicycle shop: our Monterey Bay neighbors at Epicenter Cycling plan to open a new shop on Lighthouse Avenue, Monterey.

Muchas gracias to Edith Frederick of Salinas for being a monthly Pedal Pusher since 2017.
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