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Bike Buzz: Autumn 2021 news from Bicycling Monterey

A visitor from Modesto and her family are our favorite type of
tourists: “We always bring our bicycles to Monterey County!”

Recent news

First, a reminder: If you are going to Sea Otter Classic or any activity—even an outdoor one—please respect advisories to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

For official information resources for Monterey County, and for the state of California, the United States, and global—refer to:

Specific to Sea Otter Classic, also note:

Oct 7-10, 2021: 30th Sea Otter Classic in Monterey County

An update on Monterey County’s Open Streets

Status of bike parking at Monterey County Fair & Event Center

Bicycle Safety Stop – California’s Assembly Bill 122

A new BMX Pump Track and Skate Park for the Monterey County seat?

Speak up for bicycling and other active transportation in Monterey County

E-bike cost tip: An update on e-bike rebates

An update on Twilight Cycling at Laguna Seca

Bicycle Secure Program: Recommended change to a Walk and Roll Support Program — Transportation Agency for Monterey County

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For our most recent #BikeSchool discussion, click the Sept 23 “Tip: This thread….” Not sure how to access info that is on Twitter? Feel free to phone us.

And below that, see examples of other reasons people phone us.

Who’s calling?

Best way to reach Bicycling Monterey at this time is by phoning. See Contact page. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we can usually refer you to someone who does!

Below are examples of questions Bicycling Monterey has responded to recently:

  • Where can attendees lock up their bicycles near the Carmel restaurant where we’ll be hosting a birthday party?
  • Are there Twilight Cycling dates scheduled?
  • Are roundabouts still in the works for the Monterey-Salinas Highway / CA SR 68?
  • Are there any group rides scheduled?
  • Can a senior ride a bike on 17-Mile Drive? (see tweet below for response)

Recent scenes

Pacific Grove

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