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Big Sur: “(not) Big (enough) Sur” by Tim Harrington

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Thanks to Big Sur Kate for bringing Tim Harrington’s video to our attention, and to Tim for creating his video message, shared below.
Is bicycling Big Sur right for you? See Bike Big Sur on this site.
Biking Big Sur isn’t appropriate for everyone, but easing some of the overtourism challenges by using a sustainable transportation option is still possible. Consider taking Monterey-Salinas Transit to Big Sur (or you can even bike-and-ride there via MST; see tips for taking your bicycle aboard Monterey-Salinas Transit).
Whether you take MST bus, bike, drive, or however you get to Big Sur, please also make use of Monterey County native Passport Voyager’s “Local’s Guide to Big Sur Hiking & Other Things To Do” for tips to help protect this beautiful place. For some additional fire-prevention tips, see “California Wildfire Prevention — and Being a More Welcome Visitor on the Big Sur Coast.”

You may also be interested in “Ethical Tourism: 31 Easy Ways To Be A Responsible Tourist.”


(not) Big (enough) Sur from Tim Huntington on Vimeo.

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