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Monterey House Concert with Lelia Broussard and Jake Newton

This intimate venue was filled,

as shown on the cover of the May 27 Monterey County Weekly,

when Lelia Broussard last came to town.  She’s back, performing with Jake Newton.

Lelia Broussard & Jake Newton

Saturday, July 24, 2010 – 7-10 pm

A cool event, whether you bike there, drive there, walk, or take a hotel shuttle or cab!

Preview the music


  • Suggested donation of $15/person.   All money goes to the musicians.
  • Optional:  bring your own beer/wine or non-alcoholic beverage and potluck food (from healthy snacks to decadent desserts) to share.
  • RSVP to montereyhouseconcerts [AT] gmail [DOT] com for directions and information.
  • On Facebook? You may RSVP instead at
The show will be held in the same location as prior Monterey House Concerts hosted by Sierra Dehmler.  If you’ve been to any of the shows she’s hosted previously, like the May 17, 2010 show featured on the cover of the Monterey County Weekly (cover image above), you know that this lovely Monterey home becomes a magical setting when filled with energizing young indie pop and other soulful sounds.

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Additional details for cyclists

Bike-there tips

There is secure bicycle parking at this event.

How long does it take to bike there? From Wharf II, Monterey, Google’s new bike directions indicate it takes 20 minutes for this 3-mile (one-way) trip.  As a local who does this route, I’d say it may take you a bit longer en route (due to the uphill portions) if you’re not in shape.  And for the return trip, yes, you are likely to do it easily in 20 minutes.

Where is it? Specific directions are provided when you RSVP to this house concert.  If you’re thinking of bicycling, here’s what to know for now:  The concert location is off Josselyn Canyon Road, which is a cycling route (no bike lanes).  Biking Josselyn Canyon (from Mark Thomas Drive),  the 1.3 mile canyon section of your route to the concert is mostly easy and only mildly strenuous at times.  It’s likely quite comfortable for most cyclists.  It’s downhill, then flat, then a very slight uphill climb for extended period, then a very short hill).  The return trip is cinchy, with one very short, easy hill at the end before you’re back on Mark Thomas.  (From Mark Thomas, it’s an easy ride to the coastal bike paths and many other bike routes.)

Another option is to skip Josselyn Canyon and instead come to the concert via Garden Road, followed by 4/10 of a mile along Highway 68, then a left turn onto Josselyn Canyon Road.  From there, it’s just a quick hop-skip-and-pedal to the concert!

Safety: Since your return trip after 10 pm will be in the dark, it’s suggested that you bike with one or more friends and use proper lights and night-visible apparel.

And even when traveling to the concert, whether you bike there via Garden Road (and a tiny section of Josselyn), or whether you take the route entirely through Josselyn Canyon, high-visibility apparel and accessories are appropriate.

This is a mixed-ages, little or no alcohol event in a private home.  That’s great for biking, because you can hear live music outside of a wild and crazy bar setting where you might be tempted to unwisely overindulge in alcohol before bicycling home.

Tour guide or bike-and-ride options:

If you would like the option of a local bicycle tour guide for bicycling out of Joselyn Canyon on the return trip in the dark, please contact me, as that service could be arranged for this event.

Another option for a safe return trip is to use a bike-and-ride solution, such as:

  • meet up at the concert with a friend who isn’t biking there, and do the return trip by toting your bicycle home on/in their vehicle;
  • call a taxi (bring a bunji cord to secure the cabbie’s trunk);
  • and if you’re staying at a local hotel, you may have access to a hotel shuttle to pick up you and your bike after 10 o’clock.

There is no evening MST bus service to this location.

An extraordinary summer evening out

Have a special someone you’d like to take on a terrific summer date?  This house concert alone would be special enough.  Bicycling there would make the evening better yet!  And if you want to go a step further, here’s another idea:

How about an early supper or appetizers (there’ll be potluck munchies at the concert) at one of the extra bike-friendly HER Helmet Thursdays spots?  Although it’s not a Thursday, when you’d get discounts as cyclists, it’s still nice to support the early leaders in this Monterey County eco-eco sustainability project.

For this 7/24 house concert, there are many HHT spots to choose from in comfortable cycling distance.  For most cyclists, biking to this house concert venue from a place in Monterey, Pacific Grove, Seaside, or Del Rey Oaks would be good.  Take a look at all the choices!

One nearby location is outdoors (or indoors) on the water at Schooners Bistro, location of the recent 4th of July concerts on the waterfront plaza; you can get bike valet parking there.  Even closer are the Wharf II spots.  Other places within bicycling distance include lots of downtown Monterey spots, such as LALLApalooza on Alvarado Street, along with LALLAgrill in the Del Monte Center (there’s a bike rack behind LALLAgrill).

Follow up that appetizer or supper with a bike ride through Josselyn Canyon for top-notch live music in an intimate setting. You’ve set the stage for a fantastic remainder of the evening, and so have Sierra and the musicians she’s hosting!

Thank you for supporting live music in Monterey County.

Monterey musician Laurel Thomsen, a frequent attendee at the Monterey House Concerts,

knows all about the bike valet parking offered in her native Monterey County.

Hear Laurel on 7/31 playing with the Cat Stevens tribute band Peace Train,

when they appear at the newest HER Helmet Thursdays spot, Plaza Linda in Carmel Valley.

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